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What Software Solutions Do I Need?

What Software Solutions Do I Need for My Contact Center?

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Contact center software varies per industry and even per business. It isn’t easy to know which software best suits your needs. Here is a quick rundown of what to consider when picking a software solution.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your contact center. Are you purely an inbound or outbound contact center, or are you a mixture of both? What communication channels do you use? Are you only calling, chatting, messaging, or emailing? Perhaps all the above. There are many other things to consider, such as your compliance needs, the volume of contacts you anticipate, and how many seats your call center has. 

Once you have this base information, you can consider what software you need. Contact centers must abide by compliance laws to protect consumers from data leaks and call centers from non-compliance penalties. Every call center should have a compliance suite designed for ease of use and reliability.

Contact centers with multiple communication channels also need a communication channel manager. Through this, they will be able to route communications to agents equipped and trained to handle them quickly and efficiently. Even contact centers that only deal with one communication channel still need to ensure that it runs at peak efficiency. Look for software that eliminates bottlenecks, capitalizes on automation, and utilizes agents based on skill and consumer needs. 

Contact volumes and agent seats can vary drastically between industries and the time of year. Your contact center software needs to be able to handle these fluctuations. If the software or the pricing is inflexible, then it is time to find one more accommodating. 

While some contact centers are both inbound and outbound, many are exclusively one or the other. When looking for contact center software, you need to look for software that is optimized for whichever you will be doing. Having software that is better equipped to help handle outbound calls is useless to a call center that focuses on inbound calls and vice versa. It may be in your best interest to get software that can handle both inbound and outbound contacting to ease any changes or transitions you decide to make in the future.

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