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The Future of Omnichannel Communication

The Future of Omnichannel Communication With Call Center Software

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Customers are always looking for convenient ways to contact companies — whether it’s regarding an inquiry, a detail regarding their account, or an issue with a product/service. When customers reach out to your company, they are looking for answers as quickly and as painless as possible — regardless of the form of communication, they choose to contact you through. This is where omnichannel features in your call center come in handy.

What is omnichannel in a contact center?

Contact center omnichannel tools help you manage and utilize every service channel available all at once. This means that call center agents are no longer tied down to one communication channel like phone calls. Agents can now use tools that allow them to work across multiple channels — responding to and helping customers using text, email, or chat.

Aberdeen Strategy & Research noted that omnichannel customer experiences and support services have a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rates compared to those without omnichannel solutions. This was research done back in 2014 and remains even more true today.

Managing all communication channels within one call center software platform allows agents to interact with customers efficiently and the way customers prefer. Agent dashboards provide them with all the information they need at their fingertips to serve customers via any available channel. From customer information to getting help from a manager, contact center agents can access it all on their agent dashboard and provide a seamless experience.

Why is omnichannel important for my call center?

Whether it’s through email, website chat, phone calls, or any other communication channel, 70% of customers expect to be able to find an answer seamlessly through the medium of their choice. Contact centers worldwide rely heavily on their omnichannel features to help provide customers with the best possible experience while promptly answering their questions. It’s essential to find a call center software that comes complete with all the elements you need to keep customers satisfied and happy.

Meeting the demands of hundreds of customers, who are all reaching out to your company in different ways, requires robust call center software. To serve your customers best, you need a platform that combines communication channels with easy-to-use agent dashboards and data reporting in a way that call center agents can use efficiently and effectively.

Omnichannel solutions are built with the customer in mind and are designed to quickly meet each need in the best way possible. Omnichannel is the future for all contact centers; these channels are impressively outperforming outdated multi-channel tools that are becoming a thing of the past.

As technology advances, the customer demand to quickly and conveniently reach your contact center also increases. Omnichannel communication may still be a newer concept to many contact centers. However, in a day and age where everyone talks to friends and family through social media, texting, and chats, why shouldn’t customers be able to contact companies the same way? Consumers want multiple options for contacting and interacting with a company, so your call center needs to keep up with the trends.

Choosing a call center software with omnichannel features that helps you stay caught up with the times will be the key to success for your contact center moving forward.

What TCN’s Omnichannel Communication Solutions Bring to the Call Center Software World

TCN’s omnichannel features are designed to give your customers the most convenient, intuitive and straightforward pathway to connect with your business. TCN’s cloud call center software makes it easy for agents and customers to engage in a more meaningful experience — from transactional services to survey communications. 

TCN has designed complete omnichannel communication solutions with the customer in mind. This is the future of all contact center interaction with customers. TCN’s omnichannel features that improve communication include:

Learn more about omnichannel communication solutions for your company and how they can benefit the overall customer experience. Watch our platform demo and see how TCN takes the necessary steps to stay ahead of the game with its call center features.

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