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Advances In Call Center Software

The Changes That Have Brought Us Modern Call Center Software

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Like many business ventures, call centers started in humble beginnings. What began as individuals calling to sell home goods evolved with the development of call center software and the demand for communication between consumers and businesses — turning into a global industry that continues to demand innovation and flexibility from providers.

Some advancements in call center history include the toll-free 800 number, the development of mass calling systems, and compliance management software. These innovations allow consumers to respond to businesses for free, call centers to make thousands of calls per minute worldwide, and scan calls and lists to ensure compliance.

From switchboards to offices in the cloud, call center software has made immense strides in a relatively short time. While it is great to see what has been accomplished, the industry needs to look toward the future and continue innovating. 

Recent innovations include voice analytics, omnichannel communications, and business intelligence tools. While these are but a few of the many advances in call center software, these industry-leading solutions have improved call center consumer insights, communication, data collection, and real-time analytics — helping businesses make critical decisions. 

Call centers have been swiftly shifting towards more consumer-conscious models, like the modern contact center — focusing on omnichannel communications to simplify contacting. As this shift continues, we can expect more innovations focused on improving the customer experience while cutting overhead costs for contact centers. Much of this innovation will occur in the AI sector of call center software to improve automation through systems such as IVR. In order to keep up with consumer preferences and demands, pre-existing automation systems will need to be continually revamped. 

Call center software isn’t just about the programs you use, it’s also about the people behind the screens. As the software that helps agents handle calls improves, so will the training programs for agents. Consumers still crave the human touch, and your contact center must be dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

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