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Success Through Call Center Software and Compliance

Success Through Call Center Software & Compliance

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Author: Spencer Peterson

Fall is often regarded as a time of reflection and correction. Regulation F has made this even more necessary for call centers as they have had to reevaluate their call center software and make sure that they can stay compliant with the new guidelines. 

Here is a glance at a few benchmarks for you and your software to ensure you stay efficient and compliant under the new regulations.

Call Center Software

Call center software is a communications manager. Call centers can manage calls, online chats, emails, and SMS among other channels, with the proper software. A centralized communications manager streamlines the workflow and helps your workforce stay connected with consumers at all times. 

Call center software is essential for a successful call center, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. To get the most out of your call center software, make sure it has these key features:

  • Voice Analytics
  • Real-time Business Intelligence
  • IVR
  • Omnichannel

These features should be on every call center’s must-have list when choosing the right cloud call center software. Make sure that when shopping for new software, you keep your goals in mind, make a list of the features you need, look at all your options, try them on for size, and pick the one that checks all of the boxes. The right call center software will increase a call center’s efficiency by decreasing agent downtime and improving customer satisfaction through real-time insights and data. It will also help keep the call center compliant with the latest regulation changes.


One of the biggest challenges that call centers face is compliance. A call center’s software can play a large part in staying compliant through automated systems, redaction capabilities, and compliance audits. Take the time to learn about your system’s capabilities and how to perform compliance audits. 

Compliance audits can be conducted as frequently as you see fit and as your risk threshold allows. Regularly checking your business through these audits increases the likelihood that you will catch a compliance risk early on and can prevent further issues. Some controls that help check for issues are:

  • Monitoring
  • An audit program
  • Risk Assessment

These controls help keep your call center compliance in check. 

One of the key ways to make sure that your call center stays compliant is by understanding what the new regulations require and pertain to. Regulation F provides a model validation notice and refines some stances on out-of-stat debt while clarifying details about certain communications and excess contacting. To receive more information about the changes surrounding these topics, be sure to consult with your legal counsel. For a full write-up on Reg F, be sure to download our Regulation F Summary of Debt Collection Rules Implementing the FDCPA ebook for free.

As the year comes to an end, make sure you don’t fall behind as you update your call center software and compliance suite. TCN has all the features you need to keep up with the new regulations. Request a demo to see how TCN checks off all the tools on your shopping list.

About the Author: Spencer Peterson

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