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Shoppers Choosing the Best Tools For Their Call Center

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Cloud Call Center Software

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

When shopping, it is common to have a list of things that you want and need. Shopping for call center software is no different. Here are a few things to think about to make sure you get the right software for your call center. 

ONE: First, what is your end goal? Are you trying to decrease overall costs, improve customer experiences, or expand your agent base? Keep your goals in mind to ensure that the software helps you meet your goals.

TWO: After setting your goals, make a list of the features you want in your software to help you reach your goals. Perhaps you are looking for something with a built-in IVR and ACD system to help manage calls and personalize messages for customers. Maybe you are looking for built-in chat rooms for agents to communicate seamlessly with each other; or a system that can easily integrate with other software and CRMs to expand your toolbelt and decrease hold times. Whatever the features are, focus on them while looking at your options.

THREE: Now that you have your shopping list of features and the goals you want to meet, you are ready to start shopping. Evaluating all your options is key. Impulse buying is your enemy, so buying the first option that pops out at you may not be the best option. Look through your choices and see which software has most if not all the features you are looking for. Once you have narrowed it down to the top contenders, the fun part begins — the test drive.

FOUR: Contact the call center software providers to take your prospective software for a spin and experience the system’s abilities first-hand. Try it out and push the software to its limits to see which one is the most comfortable for you and intuitive to use. You want software that is easy and quick to integrate, one that your call center agents can pick up on easily. After testing out the call center software, it is time to make the final decision — and that is up to you. 

FIVE: Out of all the software you tried, which was the most comfortable, easy to use, easy to integrate and provides the best technology for your company? Don’t forget to ask yourself which software best helps you accomplish your goals. You want your new software to fit like a glove from the get-go.

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