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What Is Call Center Software?

What is Call Center Software?

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Dating all the way back to the early 1900s, telephones have been used as a marketing tool to grow businesses and companies all over the world. Some of the earliest call center agents were housewives dating back to the 1950s who would use telephones in their homes to call around to their friends, family, and neighbors in an attempt to sell baked goods to make extra money for the household. They had success in doing this and thus the beginning of call centers and eventually call center software was born.

Outbound phone calls to individuals in an attempt to sell them services, goods, or get general information became more common in the 1960s when call centers became much more sophisticated with dialing technology and better training for agents making the phone calls.

As technology has advanced every day, call center software has become an essential part of big-time corporations and businesses. Business owners understand the importance and value of superior customer support. In this day and age, a high level of customer support usually comes down to implementing good call center software with all of the tools you’ll need for agents.

Before we dive into the details of call center software and what it is/does, it’s important to understand that call centers have and will continue to play a big role in the way businesses reach consumers on a daily basis. Call centers continue to evolve and adapt to make communication between clients more convenient and successful.

What is call center software?

So what exactly is call center software and what kind of tools should a call center software provide for a company?

With the help of well-designed software, call centers globally are able to manage all forms of communication with their customers. When we think of call centers, we often think about agents sitting in a giant warehouse answering and making phone calls, one after another. While this may be the case for some contact centers, most call centers now use some sort of software to help reach customers efficiently and effectively and is much more than just inbound and outbound phone calls all day every day.

While phones remain the easiest and most popular customer service channel within call centers, it isn’t the only way call centers use software to get in contact with customers.

In 2019, The Northridge Group found that the easiest-to-use customer service channels were:

  • 65% phone
  • 63% online chat
  • 61% email
  • 53% web self-service
  • 52% mobile app self-service
  • 44% text message
  • 40% live video chat
  • 39% social media

Because there are now so many different ways to reach customers, call center software has become an all-inclusive solution for the way businesses handle communication with their clients, whether it’s via phone or another form of communication. A good call center software has all of the tools you need to be able to reach customers, answer questions and resolve issues that may arise.

Meet TCN Operator

In response to the complexity of what it takes to make a call center go round, TCN recently released TCN Operator — a collection of all the best call center tools seamlessly integrated together to create the ultimate call center software experience. TCN’s call center software supports billions of consumer and agent interactions each year and is customizable to meet all of your contact center needs. 

TCN Operator’s features include:

Cloud-Based Contact Centers

As mentioned before, call centers have been and always will be around as long as customer interaction with businesses is relevant. Because of this, it has become one of the leading cloud-based platforms that are used today. Many businesses and call centers operate via the cloud, which allows agents to work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and a device to communicate with. On-premise call centers have become less popular as technology advances and make it much easier to use cloud-based services. The future of all contact centers starts with the cloud.

The cloud-based contact center market is forecast to reach $24.11 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 25%. (Market Research Future, 2020)

TCN offers an award-winning cloud-based software solution for your business and all call center communication. Request a demo today and find out for yourself what call center software is all about and why it’s important to have all of the tools and features you will need in order to succeed.

Explore all the features of TCN’s call center software