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Soup Up Newspaper Subscriptions With Call Center Software

Newspaper Subscriptions

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Author: Marie Christenson

Newspapers have been informing, educating and entertaining consumers for more than 400 years. Throughout that time, newspapers haven’t changed much, but their consumers have. Instead of picking up the paper, consumers now just pick up their phones. Instead of reading through the comic section for a good laugh, they now scroll through their feed. And instead of reading the paper’s headlines, they read articles online.

Improving Subscription Retention

Current newspapers are no longer the only source of news. The hard reality is that they are now forced to compete with social media, mobile devices, television and the internet. Due to this increased competition, the number of subscriptions to newspapers has taken a sharp decline presenting a dangerous problem for newspaper companies. 

Every newspaper company has a minimum number of readers and subscriptions that need to be met in order to make a profit. The question is, how do you increase newspaper subscriptions? 

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One of the main ways to keep subscribers is by making the subscription process fast and easy. Interactive Voice Response systems allow consumers to quickly access account information and renew subscriptions without ever having to wait on hold, speak with an agent or search online. This self-service option frees up employees’ time by redirecting unnecessary calls and improves the overall customer experience, keeping them coming back for more.

Keep Clear Communication With Consumers

As a news outlet, it is essential to maintain clear and efficient communication with consumers. While this communication is important, it can also be extremely time-consuming when every call, text and email is being sent manually. 

Automation is the key to implementing and maintaining this communication long-term and large-scale. With automation, newspapers can schedule and implement reminders for billing and expiring accounts to help consumers keep up to date with subscriptions and payments. Newspapers can also send out late delivery notices, credit card declines or other emergency notifications to improve customer relations, services and experiences. By improving the communication with consumers, newspapers establish themselves as a trustworthy business that cares, creating a sense of loyalty with consumers that translates to renewed subscriptions. 

Tackling the Newspaper Industry’s Challenges With TCN

One of the biggest questions that call centers have when implementing new solutions and initiatives is, how do you know what effect your efforts have? It isn’t always easy to understand and put into words what is happening in the background by listening to a few phone calls. TCN’s advanced Performance Analytics and Reporting system makes building and monitoring data sets a cinch. 

As you implement solutions like TCN’s IVR and Notifications, you might not understand the changes in your numbers. Which solution had the most significant effect? You might not even understand what impact the changes are having. Performance Analytics and Reporting automatically collects data and organizes it in an easy-to-understand format that is highly customizable, shareable and trackable. Users can implement any number of filters and outcome influencer layers to determine causalities and not just correlations. 

Some of TCN’s clients even use analytics to eliminate the guesswork in audience targeting by gathering and analyzing data to understand the reader base and ensuring they make more informed decisions surrounding activity and engagement.

When properly utilized, TCN’s call center software helps newspapers retain their current client base through improved functionality, efficiency and customer satisfaction while building a brand that draws new consumers. Request a demo to learn more about TCN’s advanced cloud solutions and how they can help you continue to spread the news.

About the Author: Marie Christenson

Marie Christenson is the Content Writer and Strategist for TCN, a worldwide leading provider of cloud-based call center technology. As the voice behind the screen, Marie spends her days carefully curating content including company blogs, campaigns, and social media. Since earning a B.S. in Strategic Communications & Marketing from Southern Utah University in 2020, she has enjoyed sharing her ideas and creativity with TCN. In her free time, Marie loves traveling and exploring new places and cultures.