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Call Center Software Built for Your Industry

Industry Call Center Software

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Author: Marie Christenson

Just like you wouldn’t want to buy a car part that’s designed for an entirely different make and model than your car, you don’t want to be using a call center software that’s not designed for your call center’s industry specialization.

The best way to serve your customers and get the results you want is by using a call center software that is tailored to serving your industry and understands your needs. While some solutions are universal and used by all, the way solutions are utilized can differ depending on what vertical you specialize in.

Luckily, TCN’s call center software is built for your industry — complete with solutions that specifically help meet your needs. Feel free to find your industry below and take a look at how TCN’s solutions can help you improve performance and efficiency.

Accounts Receivable Management/Collections Call Centers

Improving your collections begins with improving your connections. Your collection agency must be equipped with the tools that allow you to connect and communicate with consumers. In the fast-paced world of technology, customer expectations are changing and it’s important to connect with them through their preferred channels, i.e. text, email or chat. 

With omnichannel solutions, your collection agents can communicate with consumers seamlessly on multiple channels — all on one dashboard. Additional tools such as dialers, Business Intelligence reporting and omnichannel, help your collection agency reach its full potential. 

Call center compliance is a big focus for the collections industry especially. Compliance regulations are continuously changing and being modified to target more specific consumer concerns. The TCPA, Regulation F, STIR/SHAKEN and other compliance rulings are a lot for collection call centers to keep up to date on; but the penalties for non-compliance are enough to give call center managers nightmares. 

Thankfully, TCN’s middle name is compliance — not really, but maybe it should be, because TCN’s platform offers an entire Compliance Solutions Suite. TCN’s Natural Language Compliance tool allows you to create automation rules to help stay compliant using simple verbiage. 

TCN’s additional compliance solutions such as Manually Approved Calling, allow you to double-check your compliance and minimize risk — helping you sleep easier at night. Take a look at a quick compliance walkthrough of how TCN’s tools can be utilized to automate your compliance here.

Automotive Call Centers

As an auto dealer or repair shop, you need a call center software that helps you promote and grow your business. TCN streamlines your financial operations and delivering time-efficient and cost-saving automated customer communications.

With TCN’s tools, you can save time, resources and money with faster and more direct ways to communicate with your customers.

A few of TCN’s solutions that especially help the automotive industry include:

AgentSMS – Designed for auto dealerships and repair shops to instantly confirm appointments, send payment reminders, and even alert individuals of recalls or oil changes via text messages.

Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer – Sends pre-recorded messages (such as promotions, scheduling reminders, and payment notifications) to a large list of customers within minutes. Additionally, these tools can monitor and track busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, and disconnected numbers to improve the efficiency and speed of the auto-dialing process.

VocalDirect – Ringless voicemail technology enables dealers to instantly send automated voicemails directly to thousands of customers’ voicemail boxes all at once. This enhanced technology not only ensures that the dealer’s message is received but saves the dealer money by not having to conduct manual outreach.

Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) – Allows dealers to make automated calls with interactive customer response features. These features direct customers down the appropriate channel to either confirm or change appointments or participate in surveys.

BPO Call Centers

A Bussiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) needs a call center platform that can be deployed across multiple centers, without needing updates and hardware maintenance. BPOs can offer numerous services to companies of different industries, which is why it’s essential to have a software solution that offers solutions that can roll with the punches and meet your changing needs.

Cloud-based call center software is the perfect collusion for your BPO to service multiple locations, remote agents and eliminate the need for updates and hardware. Software that’s hosted in the cloud allows for more flexibility and seamless scalability whenever you need to make changes.

A world-renowned top ten BPO wanted to increase account penetration and Right Party Contacts (RPC’s) on an underperforming program. The BPO then switched to TCN, whose Business Intelligence tool was key to tracking performance while maintaining the desired ownership balance. As a result, the client saw an increase of over 65% on their key performance indicator. 

Whether your BPO needs a blended solution to service both inbound and outbound customer interactions or you need help increasing your Right Party Contact (RPC) rates, TCN has solutions to help.

Healthcare Call Centers

As a call center in the healthcare industry, there are two sides of operations that must be focused on. 

One side: The patients and your customer service. Just like you, healthcare patients are busy and want convenience. One of the essential tools for providing the best customer service to patients is an IVR system that helps patients find the information they’re looking for quickly — such as looking up their account balance or getting connected to the right agent who can answer their questions. 

Notifying patients of upcoming payments or appointments via call or text is also a great way to keep them informed and satisfied. Pre-registration phone calls also help patients save time once they arrive for their appointments and help waiting rooms turnover smoothly. Post-call surveys have also proven to be extremely effective in gathering feedback from patients about their experience with the call center agent. Utilizing post-call surveys is a perfect way to make your patients feel heard while gathering useful insights into how your employees are performing.

In addition, one feature that goes a long way in the healthcare industry is the ability to have patients make payments securely through a link sent via text message. When a patient calls to make a payment, agents can simply send a text message with a secure link that directs them to the payment portal while staying on the phone with the patient. This eliminates the need for passing sensitive information along to an agent and streamlines the process for collecting payments. All of these tools and more are available in TCN’s cloud-based platform.

The other side of a healthcare call center operations: The behind the scenes with data and reporting. On the backend of your healthcare call center operations, you need to make sure things are running smoothly and efficiently. TCN’s data and reporting solutions help you keep track of what’s going on when your agents are communicating with patients, how many calls you get and ways to improve training practices. Tracking your call center operations will ensure you are reaching your goals and providing the best possible customer experience.

Newspaper Call Centers

As a call center serving in the newspaper vertical, subscribers are what keep things humming. An IVR system is vital for a newspaper call center to ensure consumers can update billing information, make changes to their subscriptions or resolve an issue. TCN’s solution allows for simple and complex IVR systems to be customized to meet your needs and your customers’ needs.

You can also utilize notification capabilities to create trusted and reliable communication with subscribers. With TCN’s notification solution you can save time and money by automating alerts such as: 

  • New Start Verifications
  • Credit Card Declined or Expired
  • Expiring Accounts
  • Non-Payment
  • Late Delivery

McClatchy, a leading news media company, found itself unsatisfied with an underperforming software provider. TCN stepped in to provide solutions that helped the company reach its millions of readers quickly and efficiently. As a result, McClatchy found that 78% of calls succeeded in communicating the retention message to customers. 

TCN’s solutions and industry experts are dedicated to helping newspaper call centers increase subscribers and improve retention efforts easily and efficiently.

Utility Call Centers

TCN’s solutions are specially designed to overcome the challenges within the utility industry. These tools keep your business compliant while increasing efficiency in day-to-day contacting and in the event of an emergency.

TCN software empowers utility companies to:

  • Anticipate consumer needs
  • Alert of service interruptions
  • Access data and insights
  • Improve consumer communication
  • Send appointment and overdue account reminders
  • Automate and collect payments through SMS and email
  • Give customers queued-callback options 

Consumers demand instant access to important information. As a utility company, you can contact thousands of consumers within minutes through simple or complex notifications. TCN’s platform allows you to contact individuals based on preset filters and lists that can narrow groups down using age, timezone, region and even billing history. You can also personalize messaging to help add the human touch to your communications. 

You can also count on TCN’s cloud-based platform when an emergency strikes. Your call center, along with any new features, can be up and running within a day to make sure your business can keep rolling with the punches. With these solutions in the cloud, all you need is a phone or computer with internet access to send essential communication to your customers in any emergency situation.

Having what you need for your organization should be non-negotiable. TCN strives to develop new innovative technology to meet the needs of your call center — whatever the industry. To learn more about how TCN’s tools can be customized for you, request a demo today.

About the Author: Marie Christenson

Marie Christenson is the Content Writer and Strategist for TCN, a worldwide leading provider of cloud-based call center technology. As the voice behind the screen, Marie spends her days carefully curating content including company blogs, campaigns, and social media. Since earning a B.S. in Strategic Communications & Marketing from Southern Utah University in 2020, she has enjoyed sharing her ideas and creativity with TCN. In her free time, Marie loves traveling and exploring new places and cultures.