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Reason to Believe: Heading Skyward with Cloud Call Center Solutions

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Cloud-based everything is all the rage these days. It’s hard to read any business publications without seeing ads and stories about the cloud.

Many Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Salesforce have switched over. They credit it with increased capacity to serve more customers.

Still, some call center managers might wonder, “Is the cloud right for my business?

Is it safe and secure? Will it be a pain for my agents and I to switch over? Will it hurt more than help my agents and their performance?”

These are all smart, informed questions which we’ll discuss today.

Today you’ll learn why choosing a cloud contact solution is the #1 gamechanger managers need to launch their businesses into the stratosphere.


There’s No Contest – Scaling is So Easy with Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Let’s be blunt: on-premise call center systems are dinosaur technologies. Yes, they once served an essential function for most of the industry’s history. Fortunately for managers and agents, that time is over.

That doesn’t mean a manager’s worry about opting for a cloud contact center solution is unwarranted.

Trying something new and unproven is hard. Sticking with what’s known, however imperfect, is more comfortable.

But the choice is clear for managers who are committed to rapidly growing their call center businesses…


Scale Up and Down Without Increasing Costs

The fact is, cloud contact center solutions make scaling any call center a breeze.

Let’s say a call center is in the middle of a record sales year with an on-premise system.

In addition to juggling the many tasks of running a call center, the manager would likely need to schedule an expensive upgrade of their on-premise system.

Who knows how long the upgrade would take. And what if it disrupted business?

See, TCN designed our cloud contact center solutions to avoid this. TCN software handles the increased workload from:

  • Adding new agents
  • Storing customer data and profiles
  • Higher call volumes and more.

Cloud solutions’ unparalleled capabilities instantly make call centers more competitive and agile.

And if a manager’s call center is experiencing slow times? They can quickly scale down, too.

Whether scaling up or down, cloud contact center solutions are easy to implement, unlike on-premise systems. Managers can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they won’t lose money or productivity during implementation.

Cloud contact center solutions offer flexibility and power that comes with a high cost, right? Well, let’s find out!


Save a Bundle and a Mountain of Headaches – Without Bundles and Needless Extras

Thanks to the Internet and cloud-based businesses, markets are more competitive than ever. Consumers can find specialized products that meet their exact needs with a few mouse clicks.

So why shouldn’t call center executives and managers receive the same options or treatment?

On-premise systems offer managers the same old, sluggish, one-size-fits-all model of operating. In this model, the call center pays substantial upfront costs for hardware, installation, and maintenance. Don’t forget about how much space the system occupies!

An executive is most likely paying an expensive annual rate for all of the above plus unneeded extras (bundles!), too.

If that wasn’t enough, just imagine how much extra business call centers lose on dealing with this hassle. Managers, agents, and customers all feel the negative consequences of this lack of efficiency.

Thankfully, cloud contact center solutions are much simpler to implement and use. Amazingly, the implementation only takes days, not weeks or months. And these solutions are cheaper, too!

Instead of paying a sizable annual upfront cost, cloud-based solutions like TCN’s offer a budget-conscious, month to month model.

Managers can test drive TCN risk-free and cancel at any time. TCN is always transparent about charges with no hidden costs ever.

Best of all? TCN offers call centers:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • On-site visits
  • Your own dedicated management team
  • New user training and much more

Now let’s pull back the curtain on how cloud-based software transforms call center operations.


Oversee and Manage Agents in Real-Time with Business Intelligence

Cloud contact center solutions open up a world of possibilities for managers used to on-premise systems.

Business Intelligence (BI) is perhaps the most extraordinary way TCN’s cloud-based software does this.

With BI, managers gain access to an unprecedented data tool belt. Data that helps managers track agent performance, increase customer service, and establish preeminent compliance.

To manage agents, managers can track KPIs like first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), and productivity levels in real-time. Of course, KPI tracking is customizable with BI, and there’s plenty from which to choose.

One of BI’s most cutting edge tools is Speech Analysis. Speech Analysis, combined with call recording and transcription, gives managers the raw materials to chisel a call center work of art.

Speech Analysis provides managers with an easily searchable database of every agent conversation. Here managers can pinpoint and pull up a particular call.

They can type in any combinations of agent information, keywords, acoustic measures, phrases, and more to retrieve a call.

Once managers analyze a call, they can follow up with an agent and train them on how to handle customer interactions better.

When it comes to maintaining compliance, BI’s Speech Analysis features are second to none. Managers are also able to utilize call recording and transcription to instruct agents on proper TCPA-compliant language.

Obtaining express written consent is a top priority for all agents who do customer outreach. BI provides agents the right script to obtain permission, regardless of the communication channel.

It’s true, BI is a manager’s second-in-command in navigating a call center rocket ship. It gives managers the turbo boost they need to reach its cosmic destination successfully.


Meet Customers Where They Are – Omnichannel Contact

In 2020, consumers communicate using many different channels. Only contacting customers by phone is over.

So nowadays, the most successful call centers use cloud contact center solutions to discover their customers’ favorite channels. Then managers know where to devote more resources in connecting with customers.

TCN’s cloud-based contact center software, integrated with Customer Relationships Management (CRM) software, gives managers the freedom to contact customers through text, phone, email, social media, and direct message.

Then, managers can extract customer data through those contacts, incorporating preferences and details into customer profiles.

Social media is an essential channel to cultivate for any call center. Why? 45% of the world’s population uses social media. The average person spends 2 hours and 33 minutes a day on social media sites.

Attempting to create a multichannel strategy is exponentially more difficult using an on-premise system. Sure, it’s possible. But the cost-to-benefit ratio most likely wouldn’t make sense.

Instead, take advantage of the cutting-edge cloud-based solution to learn, meet, and wow customers where they are.


Why Moving Your Call Center to the Cloud is a No-Brainer

Cloud contact center solutions are precisely what ambitious managers need to take their center to the industry’s upper levels.

And TCN has what you need to safely and efficiently make the jump.

Switching from an on-premise system to TCN’s award-winning, cloud-based system is easier than ever. And with TCN’s industry-leading software, you’re saving a ton of…

  • Time
  • Money
  • Stress
  • Headaches

But it adds enormous value, too. Managers get the suite of tools they need to succeed.

Still not sure about switching? We get it.

In the meantime, download our free report, “Fred Flintstone vs. George Jetson.”

Inside you’ll find out the 6 reasons why call center executives are moving to the cloud.

Explore all the features of TCN’s call center software