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Outbound Call Center Software: The Cure for Managerial Headaches

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Call floor managers have a seemingly impossible job these days.

They must make sure their agents are providing the best service while being as efficient as possible.

Key tools for this include call monitoring, sometimes intervening in agent conversations, as well as training and coaching agents.

They also need to continually stay on top of the latest regulatory and compliance developments to minimize the risk of a fine or lawsuit.

Oh and also – they must perfectly staff their floors.

Queue the antacids and acetaminophen.

Welcome to the life of a call floor manager in the most competitive industry in history – probably.

A recent interview with 21 call center leaders had a lot to say on this challenging but rewarding job.

The fact is, so much can go wrong; once one problem ends, another one begins.

Despite all of this, outbound call center software contains the tools managers need to minimize these potential headaches.

Let’s take a look.

Outbound Call Center Software: How Managers Run Effective Campaigns

When call floor managers set big campaign goals for their agents, they need the best tools available to achieve maximum results and minimize headaches.

That’s why outbound call center software is a must for any big-time fundraising or sales campaign.

It provides all the tools managers need to save time and money, getting the most out of all their resources with tools like:

  • Call Recording for compliance reviews and satisfaction checks
  • True Predictive Dialing for smooth, continuous calls for agents on the clock
  • Populating Do Not Call (DNC) Lists for top service and robust compliance

Combine that with an easy-to-use interface like Agent Gateway and managers no longer need to wonder if their agents have everything they need to do exceptional work.

But that’s nowhere near everything an outbound call center tool like Agent Gateway can do.  This software offers even more ways to save call floor managers headaches.

Quickly Build Campaigns While Maintaining Legal Compliance

Another brain-cramping job for a call center manager is maintaining regulatory compliance. Great managers know that a potentially massive fine or a lawsuit is a significant threat and take it seriously.

They understand that just one infraction can result in a $500 to $1000 fine. That’s unfortunate.

But when it happens multiple times? That’s a major headache. Of course, lawsuits cause even more potential business loss.

Fortunately, managers deploying outbound call center software can short circuit many of these threats by using Natural Language Compliance (NLC).

NLC assists call center managers in automating compliant call campaigns and minimizing noncompliant system behavior.

With NLC, managers and upper management can easily create, save and replicate rule lists for stricter customer contact rules – all without learning to code.

In other words, if a manager needs to create a new campaign, they don’t have to start from scratch.

NLC also helps managers:

  • Utilize saved rules to quickly create and tweak a new campaign to factor in any new regulations.
  • Create and modify an unlimited amount of new campaign rules, depending on the campaign.
  • Manage multiple campaigns with multiple rule sets at the same time.
  • Devise and implement state and nation-specific rules.

In short, NLC is an essential tool for manager efficiency, compliance, and a sharp drop in the office painkiller budget.

Workforce Optimization – A Euphoria-Producing Revelation for Call Floor Managers

Call center managers face many obstacles on their path to running a thriving, successful operation.

Managers who don’t have the right tools face even more difficulty.

Those managers have to manage multiple inputs coming from different systems that do not talk to one another are following a recipe for disaster. It makes their job harder, and the call center suffers.

That’s where Workforce Optimization (WFO) tools, part of a comprehensive outbound call center software suite, can save managers many headaches.

TCN’s workforce optimization tools record all agent activity on their computer – you literally see their screen and mouse as if you were watching them work right in front of you. This is paired with a complete recording of everything said (minus the sensitive data/PCI redaction).

Managers can then review the total work done, helping managers review agent conversation, spoken/verbal interaction techniques, and providing a quick way to review agent computer use to help see if they struggle with certain processes or need better ways to access key information or screens.

After that, they can copy and paste sections of of the total workflow, attach recommendations, resources etc, and send it to the agent for training.

Creating these trainable moments and capturing fixable agent activity can all be done in moments to help improve work processes, make stronger agents and can help make better procedures for the entire staff.


Business Intelligence (BI) is also a crucial feature for managers. BI uses Voice Analysis to analyze every aspect of a customer-agent conversation, including:

  • The conversation’s content.
  • Detecting the caller and agent’s moods.
  • Measuring stressors.
  • Identifying situations that escalate or resolve customer’s problems.

Also, BI software “color-codes” every agent’s call type and helps to visually indicate call-time and cost-monitoring, all in real time.

BI, as delivered by WFO software, is a powerful tool that can revolutionize every customer-agent conversation to create the best possible outcome for both parties.

The KPIs that outbound call center software like WFO and BI generate is priceless for top-tier call floor managers.

Find the Knowledge and Tools Needed to Say Goodbye to Major Headaches

Today, outbound call center software provides call floor managers with a wealth of tools to run the most efficient and effective organization possible.

Tools like NLC, BI, and WFO are a must in the ultra-competitive call center space.

But there’s another tool that’s quickly becoming a must-have in every call floor manager’s toolkit: Speech Analytics.

Speech Analytics tools like TCN’s aptly named SpeechAnalytics offer powerful search and discovery tools along with automated call transcription and sensitive data redaction.

Wondering how SpeechAnalytics helps call floor managers manage headaches?

Then check out our free report detailing how Speech Analytics provides unparalleled insights on customers, agents, and compliance risk, just to scratch the surface.

Download the free report on Speech Analytics today!

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