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3 Ways Call Center Analytics Give Contact Centers an Edge

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Contact centers need to consider every way to get an edge in their industry.


The contact center industry is exploding.

According to MarketWatch, the contact center market is expected to grow from USD 6.47 billion in 2017 to USD 24.11 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 25% during the forecast period.

That means a lot more competition.

But gaining an edge in the contact center market isn’t as hard as some may think. One of the surest ways to beat out the competition is through call center analytics.

We’ll show you why below.

3 Ways Call Center Analytics Give Contact Centers an Edge

Workforce Optimization

The workforce a contact center employs will make or break the customer experience.

To help optimize the workforce, managers need to provide high-quality tools.

One tool our customers have used with great success is the Agent Gateway.

It’s an agent dashboard that provides them with critical information they can use before, during, and after customer interactions. It also:

  • Documents and gives tools to track compliance data and call notes;
  • Documents actions taken with checklists and customizable fields.

Another tool is TCN’s Workforce Management Suite. This suite enables initial and ongoing agent training using real customer interactions and total workflow recording – on-screen, voice, data – all of it! That means agents will always get the training they need to handle customer interactions. These tools empower managers to:

  • Collect data from customer interactions (i.e. call, email, web chat and back-office work).
  • Compile data from phones and agents’ screens.
  • Let managers perform routine on-the-fly coaching delivered right to an agent’s desktop.
  • Create a custom library of training clips that can easily be sent right to agents’ desktops.
  • Assist contact centers in maintaining service level agreements while lowering costs.

Natural Language Compliance

Natural language compliance (NLC) helps call centers automate compliance and minimize the risk of noncompliance, especially when state and federal rules and regulations continue to change over time.

And it can be dangerous not having call center analytics like this in place.

Dish Network, for example, had to pay $280 million in damages and penalties. $168 million was awarded to the federal government, making it the largest civil penalty ever obtained for violating the FTC’s laws.

The NLC suite means call managers and their C-suite collaborators can quickly generate, save and duplicate rule lists to provide more robust contact rules.

Natural Language Compliance means:

  • Contact centers can effortlessly create and edit new campaign rules.
  • Managers can use saved rules sets to rapidly spin up new campaigns.
  • Managers can rapidly deploy effective outreach campaigns using natural English instructions – no coding required. Just start typing and prefill will assist!

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allow managers to read and analyze countless transcripts of real conversations between agents and customers.

Most importantly, it helps managers ensure agents are TCPA compliant.

According to the TCPA section titled “Private Right of Action,” a consumer is entitled “to receive $500 in damages for each such violation.”

It states in plain language:

“If the court finds that the defendant willfully or knowingly violated this subsection or the regulations prescribed under this subsection, the court may, in its discretion, increase the amount of the award to an amount equal to not more than 3 times the amount available under subparagraph (B) of this paragraph.”

What’s the amount in subparagraph (B)?

A fee between $500 and $1,500 per violation.

Speech analytics provides managers with search and discovery tools that let them uncover insights regarding customer interactions, including:

  • Transcripts of every call
  • Silence, emotion, hot-button keyword and other flags
  • Automated PCI redaction of sensitive information, like account numbers, etc.

Keeping All the Plates Spinning

Tools like these will power a massive advantage over the competition. If these tools aren’t enough to raise your expectations on how to run a contact center, we’d also like to remind you that compliance will ensure all your efforts run with as little risk as possible.

It can be quite a headache to stay compliant with so many regulations to keep track of, however, from TCPA to PCI-DSS and many more.

What managers are missing is an easy-to-follow guidebook – a step-by-step walkthrough that aids them in improving the contact center’s compliance by learning the governing laws inside and out. The guide below includes specific tools to create accountability and build new best practices. It’s called The Manager’s Guide To Call Center Regulations. It shows you:

  • The new TCPA and FDCPA best practices.
  • How to quickly navigate recent regulatory changes.
  • The possible implications for breaches – and more.

Get The Manager’s Guide To Call Center Regulations today.

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