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Just Released: New Version of TCN’s Speech Analytics That Greatly Improves Call Center Effectiveness

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

Since March, as part of our continued commitment to our customers, TCN has announced additional improvements and features that have helped hundreds of call centers manage the work from home (WFH) model as well as improving overall call center efficiency.

Did you see? TCN released its new internal chat application called Room 303.

Managing the popular work from home (WFH) model can be hard for a lot of business owners employing call center agents. Juggling schedules and managing call redactions are just a few of the challenges that come to mind. As a result of the increased demand as well as the many benefits of speech analytics and transcription services, TCN has recently released a new update to it’s Speech Analytics software — all built into TCN’s cloud-based call center software platform.

Speech Analytics: Updated to Improve Transcription, Search, and Redaction

TCN recently announced an update to its Speech Analytics services. By utilizing the new UI and expanded search, you’ll be able to tap into a breadth of feedback both for agents and your customers. TCN Speech Analytics can help reveal hidden insights that are paramount to the day-to-day operation of your call center.

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Benefits of the New Speech Analytics

We have highlighted a few of our favorite advantages and benefits of using TCN Speech Analytics.

Increased Contact Center Efficiency – Know your AHT by locating unnecessarily long calls and retrieving and reporting on how to improve your FCR.
Improved Agent Performance – Stay positive by reviewing and using calls for future agent training.
Better Customer Experience – Get instant customer feedback on products and services.
Reduced Risk & Compliance – Use keywords to look for problems that are potentially inappropriate or threatening to your call center.

Unlock the potential of your customer and agent interactions and schedule a no-obligation demo of TCN Speech Analytics today.

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