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Speech Analytics

4 Ways Your Call Center Can Benefit From Business Intelligence & Speech Analytics

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

A good business knows that there is always room for improvement. That is especially true when it comes to your call center’s processes and results. You need to have access to all the information in order to find ways to save money and increase efficiency within your organization.
TCN’s Business Intelligence (BI) provides features that include measuring conversion rates across teams, monitoring deliverables in real-time, and so much more. Everything is designed with you in mind. Let Business Intelligence help you increase your call center’s efficiency, accountability, and control — all with one easy upgrade.

TCN Speech Analytics

Explore the call center analytics your organization can start enjoying today. Speech Analytics provides you with strong search and discovery tools along with automated call transcription and reduction. This useful software works in conjunction with Business Intelligence to bring you these benefits.

Increased Contact Center Efficiency

Efficiency is that sweet word you like to hear. If there were a simple way to increase your contact center’s efficiency, would you want to do it? Of course. Here are a few ways TCN Speech Analytics does that for you…

Call center analytics assist in AHT reduction by helping you identify long calls and high silences.
With the ability to search for repeat calls, your call center can find more effective ways to address issues the first time they surface. By minimizing repeat calls and the need for callbacks, you are able to increase your organization’s FCR.
Retrieve and analyze short calls to learn how to best utilize call deflection. Reviewing data helps determine where it is appropriate to incorporate a self-service option based on your customers needs.

Improved Agent Performance

As a call center, it is important that your agents are efficient and effective. TCN’s Speech Analytics can help drastically improve your agent performance in multiple ways…

With the ability to search for desired and undesired behavior in your data, you are able to increase your knowledge about your agent’s behaviors and highlight effective practices or identify areas for improvement.
Calls can be tagged for future recall and review to analyze data and identify useful tactics.
User interface (UI) allows for contextual searching that helps you gather more information about your agents’ performance. Analyzing the data helps identify opportunities for agent training to review and improve.

Better Customer Experience

Providing a positive customer experience is one of the main goals for a call center. With so many working pieces, you need a simple and fast way to learn how to improve your customers’ experiences. Here’s how TCN Speech Analytics makes that possible…

Directly identify any incidents that occur through keyword search. Incident analysis allows you to quickly address any recurring problems or find potential issues that may arise in the future.
Call center analytics allow you to learn about incidents of customer dissatisfaction and analyze the escalation of issues. Reviewing these situations and examining how problems were handled provides information about ways to improve your customer’s experiences.
Analyze customer feedback and call recordings to review the way a customer communicates with an agent. This data makes it easier to identify what is attributed to the customer having a positive or negative experience.

Reduced Compliance Risk

When it comes to reducing risk and compliance for your organization, you can never be too careful. Let TCN Speech Analytics help put your mind at ease with these features…

The advanced search and filtering feature provides you with the ability to find and analyze calls with risky language. This information can be reviewed and used to improve your organization’s compliance with the TCPA.
Discover calls that were lacking the required language. This allows you to identify areas for improvement to better match calls to agents with the correct skill set.
Call center analytics can lower the likelihood of your organization getting involved with fines or lawsuits by helping you ensure your agents are sticking to policies and procedures through data review.

Help your call center reach its full potential. Discover the business insights that are hidden within every customer interaction. Get more information now.

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