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Performance Analytics With TCN

Meet the Performance Analytics You Can’t Live Without

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

It’s an age-old tale that if you write a goal down you are more likely to accomplish it. But if writing it down is all you do, it is fair to say you can kiss fulfilling that dream goodbye.

To make improvements, you must set a goal, do the work and follow through. This includes regularly assessing your progress and making needed adjustments.

Although taking the necessary actions to reach a goal may seem easy enough for goals like reading 10 pages per day or exercising 3 hours per week, when you’re managing a call center and all of its operations while trying to improve more areas than one, it seems nearly impossible.

But the good news is you don’t have to manage it alone! Meet the contact center analytics you can’t live without: TCN’s Performance Analytics and Reporting, where you can automatically compile relevant data and identify trends to make necessary improvements.

The possibilities are endless

The best part about TCN’s Performance Analytics and Reporting solution is that by knowing your contact center’s goals best, you can control what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you want to track. Some common KPIs to track include first-call resolution, average answering speed, call duration, after-call work time and the number of people who called while the line was busy. Generating customized data reports allows you to easily export using the filters you selected to get a curated overview.

Flagging compliance and liability risks not only helps keep your contact center in check but it also helps increase efficiency by tracking long hold times. Identify outcome influencers. Forecast your call volumes to create more accurate schedules and measure conversion rates to highlight areas you can increase your revenue.

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? You can implement this CRM-integrated feature with little to no downtime. 

So, how does it work?

TCN Operator’s Performance Analytics and Reporting has several key features that empower it to make a world of difference in your contact center. 

First, TCN’s Voice Analytics solution can work hand in hand with reporting tools. This solution has several purposes, including identifying positive and negative keywords to clue you into common reasons customers are reaching out to your call center, for starters. This can signal which repetitive tasks and assistance you could automate.

Second, business intelligence analytics will help you prepare for the future based on the past volume of calls your contact center experienced so you can maximize your agents and be prepared. This way, you can ensure times with high call volumes can be staffed appropriately, and vice versa.

Compile all the data essential to your call center’s success into automated reports that are easy to analyze, export and share. Helping your contact center reach its goals has never been easier.

Context is key

When taking the leap to implement performance analytics, it is important to take a few considerations. Clearly, numbers can motivate your people, but this is only effective if the numbers target the right behaviors and do not overwhelm your floor. 

For example, if you set so many goals, there is a risk of your agents not knowing what to focus on or the goals being unreachable, resulting in operating based on data being more harmful than helpful. That’s why it’s essential to zero in and start at square one.

On that note, the necessary context must be provided when managers review numbers. It can be easy to manipulate data or miss the mark completely if numbers are the only focus. 

To elaborate, if management utilizes its reporting to track the amount of time it takes an agent to resolve a problem, the agents may stop trying to build rapport with customers in an attempt to improve statistics. Numbers should not be black and white when it comes to performance analytics. It’s crucial to consider the data’s context and how to best use it moving forward.

When you keep these things in mind, you can use TCN’s Performance Analytics and Reporting solution to its maximum potential, allowing you to use a simple platform to increase your contact center’s performance and customer experience.

Why you need it

If you’re looking to improve your user experience, customer satisfaction, retention and profitability while decreasing your number of underperforming areas, identifying impending issues and navigating large volumes of data interactively, Operator’s Performance Analytics and Reporting is for you. Request a demo to learn more today.

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