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Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics: The Secret to Enhancing Agent Performance

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

The key to improving a contact center’s performance is improving agent performance. The question is, how do you do that?

Voice Analytics

Voice analytics give a call center the power to know not only what is said during any given call, but to understand how it affects the customer’s experience, if the agents are performing, and if your call center has a compliance risk.

Managers cannot be everywhere at once or listen to every agent all the time. This is a perfect opportunity to use voice analytics. Managers can take any call and scrub it for metadata or even keywords to check for any compliance risks, script mistakes, or extended silences.

After running call recordings through voice analytics, managers can pinpoint weak areas in individual agents or teams that can then be addressed in additional re-training and allow for adjustments to be made in the future training of new agents

During and After

Being able to analyze even the smallest details of a call increases the effectiveness of training exponentially and the agents’ performance improves likewise. 

Being in tune with a customer is another way that agents can try to improve. Voice analytics give users a unique insight into consumer emotions during a given exchange. Not only are suggestions given after a call for how to improve in the future, but agents and managers receive real-time,in-call, data that can be used to adjust tone, messaging, and approach.

More Than a Problem Finder

While finding weaknesses is a helpful tool in the training process, finding strengths can be just as useful in the motivation of agents to improve as well. Many call centers have a rewards system for high-performing agents. 

Voice analytics can be used in this process to determine whether an agent is performing higher than others based on customer satisfaction, a call’s end status, or even script adherence.

While highlighting agent successes, voice analytics can also be paired with other systems such as call recording storage or business intelligence to make finding recordings and enhancing analytics even more effective. Voice analytics is the key to call center success and the secret to enhancing agent performance.

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