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Manage Your Call Center Health With Built-in Data Management Software

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Just as it is vital to stay in tune with our minds and bodies, it is essential to keep in tune with your call center and call center software. With tools like data management, you can self-monitor your call center’s health and ensure that your call center is never under the weather.

What does it mean to have a healthy call center?

A healthy call center hits three main benchmarks: 

  • Consistently has high-quality calls
  • Continuously growing
  • Collects and utilizes actionable data

While many things go into having a healthy call center, these three points are pillars to provide your call center with a firm foundation for the future. 

Your call center can improve brand recognition through consistent, high-quality calls that increase brand loyalty and provide consumers with a better customer experience. Some indications of high-quality calls include excellent customer service, first contact resolution, decreased hold times and shorter overall calls. No one wants to be on hold all day or talk to an agent for longer than necessary.

Your call center should always be growing. Whether that means you are onboarding more agents, handling more significant call volumes or improving training and development, growth is essential to keeping your call center at its peak. 

It is impossible to ensure that you are on the right track without the data to back it up. Just as your doctor collects data about your health and tracks it over time, you must collect and track data about your call center to ensure it remains healthy and thriving. This data needs to be collected constantly and meticulously organized and analyzed to ensure accurate and influential decisions can be made.

Why do I need to monitor my call center’s health?

You might ask, “Won’t I know if my call center is healthy or not if I start losing money?” The answer is yes and no. If your business is losing money, it is unhealthy, but the goal is to identify signs and take preventative action to keep you from reaching that point. 

By keeping a close eye on your call center, you can better watch for signs of your call center being on the decline. The loss of money tells you that there are one or more issues, but it does not specify what that issue is. Here is where you can utilize TCN. 

What can TCN do for my call center’s health?

TCN offers a comprehensive, built-in data management system with integrated, easy-to-use analytics. Data management helps ensure that your business remains healthy by keeping you up to date on what you are doing well and what you need to improve on. 

With TCN’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you can monitor your call quality. How are your agents performing in each call that they handle? How are your agents working as a team, and how is your average call performance? TCN’s data management solutions give you these real-time updates so you can consistently make high-quality calls. 

To grow, you must know which areas are stunting your growth. TCN’s BI automatically identifies low-performing agents, compliance risks and choke points in your communication channels. With this information, call center managers can adjust training programs to help agents improve their call management skills, increase first contact resolution, mitigate compliance risks and improve your call center’s overall communication.

Data is essential to keeping a healthy and successful call center. Built-in data management solutions help you accomplish this by enabling you to create and maintain the three pillars of quality, growth and data collection. Stay in tune with your call center and call center software using your integrated data management system. 
Request a demo to learn more about TCN’s integrated software and what other solutions you can pair with to increase the longevity of your call center.

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