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Cloud-based Software For Any Size Organization

Call Center Software Features for Any Size Organization

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

Everyone who owns or manages a business will always be looking for the best processes or software that fits their needs. Call centers of all sizes are no different when it comes to choosing specific services to implement.   

Let me explain. 

Call center operators with a small or midsize workforce have the most flexibility over large enterprise call centers. I’m not just talking about how they pick and choose specific solutions for their needs. Small businesses that operate a call center have complete control and have clear financial goals of profitability. This control leads to more involvement with day-to-day operations with employees, customers, product development, marketing, and overall customer satisfaction. To an entrepreneur, the personal touch is always in the details. 

Although customer satisfaction is a shared goal for small businesses and large enterprises, large companies tend to lean into different priorities. They also have a completely different set of goals and business objectives — i.e., shareholders or board members. Several stakeholders within the business can lead to a conflict of ideals and slower process development. 

I am not arguing one business plan or call center is better than the other. I am merely trying to paint a picture that different software, features, and even people are needed to help operate any size call center. 

With the introduction of cloud technology into call center software platforms, any size call center can leverage the many benefits, including pricing, flexibility, and scale. With these benefits in mind, you’ll want to consider specific features best suited for your situation. 

Here’s the breakdown.

The Right Fit Call Center Software   


Voice should be your primary communication channel and is an essential communication medium between consumers and businesses. I see this being a mainstay for a very long time. 


Text/SMS is growing in popularity and is becoming easier for all-size businesses to implement. Apart from being easy, you may want to consider that agents may require additional training for written and other communication tact skills, but this medium should not be overlooked. Consumers now have access to technology that gives instant access to information, support, and products.

Protip: Video chat was not very popular, but with the pandemic, we’ve seen a considerable uptick in video shopping assistants and other ways consumers interact. For example, Lululemon Athletica apparel is ahead of the curve. Earlier last year, they launched a virtual shopping experience with an educator over video. This is one example, but we expect businesses will continue to adopt different omnichannel strategies in the coming years as they move to provide virtual customer experiences that feel personalized and face-to-face.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR software makes it easy to route and get callers to the right agent. It is a critical component of any size call center and should be a top priority for increased customer experiences and an engaged agent workforce.

Manually Approved Calling (MAC)

With small teams, it makes sense to have an option to do manual dialing, not only for TCPA compliance but to keep your agents engaged with the right party contact. As teams scale, you can use software like TCN’s Manually Approved Calling and separate teams to approve and make calls. 

Learn more: Check out our Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance for tips on helping your call center stay compliant with TCPA and CFPB.

Business Intelligence

Performance analytics and business intelligence reporting can be costly and reserved for only the largest of call centers. Not anymore. Get the most comprehensive view into agent and customer interactions while making the most informed business decisions.  

Compliance Suite

Knowing when and how to connect with a customer can make or break a business. With TCN’s Operator Compliance Suite, you’ll be equipped to build, record, redact and audit compliance rules and audio recordings for the TCPA and CFPB. 

List Management Services and Data Explorer

Call centers are flush with data. Data management services serve as a central repository for all your customer interactions and agent data. This also allows you to clean, parse, and interact with specific points to help build customer journeys across your entire organization. 

Room 303

Built as a real-time collaboration tool, TCN’s Room 303 makes manager and agent communication a breeze. Seamlessly respond to messages and include other agents in group chats, so no one gets left behind. 

The most enticing advantage of the cloud is that all these features (plus so much more) are within reach regardless of your call center’s size or software needs. 

Request a demo today for more information on these features or to learn why thousands of contact centers trust TCN’s call center software every day.

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