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TCN Continues Rapid Growth, Expanding its Global Footprint in the Call Center Industry

St. George, Utah — May 17, 2016 TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, announced today it has hit significant milestones in overall growth. Within the past year, TCN completed a successful merger with Global Connect, another leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, and expanded its customer base to over 1,600 customers globally. The company also added two new data centers in Calgary, Canada and Las Vegas, further expanding its global data centers in St. George, Utah, Los Angeles, Toronto, Australia and England.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the cloud-based contact center market is expected to grow from $4.68 billion in 2015 to $14.71 billion by 2020. As call center technology continues to evolve, TCN has maintained its position as a leader in the industry by staying at the forefront of technology and offering solutions focused on improving efficiency and productivity for its customers.

With its flagship contact center suite, Platform 3.0, TCN continues to expand its footprint and plans to leverage this momentum moving forward. Last spring, TCN launched a fully integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution, acting as an extension of Platform 3.0. The solution provides real-time BI, analytics and reporting, helping organizations make informed decisions on key metrics, enhance agent performance and productivity and improve overall operational efficiency.

TCN most recently launched “VocalRx,” a cloud-based automated patient engagement platform that offers a suite of contact center tools to save time and improve revenue cycle efficiency for healthcare providers. VocalRx provides healthcare practitioners and hospital collectors with various automated notification tools to communicate with their patients efficiently and cost-effectively while increasing revenue streams.

“This past year has been a significant period of growth for TCN, both from a technology perspective as well as the expansion we’ve made into emerging markets including the healthcare sector,” said Terrel Bird, co-founder and CEO of TCN. “Starting with our merger with Global Connect and most recently with the launch of VocalRx, we continue to further our presence across the contact center industry. Our goal is to continue to be a market leader and continuously look for ways to expand our offering to better service our customers.”

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