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Cell Phone Scrub

The TCPA has increased compliance pressures across industries. TCN clients can weather these regulatory challenges with best-in-class TCPA compliance tools at their disposal. TCN offers a sophisticated 2-tier system using Block Assignment Identification and Portability Identification to identify cell phones and help scrub them from your call campaigns.

Block Assignment

For over 10 years, TCN has offered free cell phone identification and scrubbing based on the block assignments of telephone numbers. A block assignment is the listing of a range of phone number prefixes that are assigned to wireless carriers.

Portability Identification

For over 7 years, TCN has augmented Block Assignment Scrubbing with Portability Identification. This is the identification of phone numbers that have been ported or changed by the consumer from a wire-line (land phone) to a wireless (cell phone). In other words, this allows for proper identification of phone numbers that were originally landlines but have recently been ported to be a cell phone.

TCN updates our databases of Intermodal Ported Telephone Numbers on a daily basis.

All (100%) of TCN’s clients have 24/7 access to:

  • Free real-time identification and scrubbing of wireless identified phone numbers just-in-time.
  • Simple secure controls to enable or disable scrubbing and/or ensure default scrubbing
  • Identification of wireless numbers in standardized or custom Dial File Result reports and notification that a number was not dialed

In addition, TCN offers a subscription level cell phone scrubbing service to our clients as a stand-alone feature.

Request a Demo: Click or call today and let TCN help transform your contact center.

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