Connect with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime with TCN's Auto Dialer Software

TCN’s auto dialer call center solution provides your customers with simple information and multiple options by tying proprietary phone numbers to automated script responses that can increase talk time by more then 300%. Make every call attempt count – perfect for your outbound call center.

Dial Smarter

  • Maximize your right party connectivity with each attempt.
  • Apply Interactive Voice Message strategies that deliver high customer satisfaction and returns using our pay-by-phone integration.
  • Inbound – Create automated script responses tied to any proprietary phone number, providing the customer with multiple options or simple information.
  • Outbound – A fully web-based Predictive Dialer, with Voice Broadcasting.
  • Blended – Maximize agent efficiency with sub second agent connection time.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting campaigns enable your call center to deliver more positive and noticeable results. Implementing a Voice Broadcasting Plan is easy using TCN’s Auto Dialer tools, such as manual dialing, preview dialing, predictive dialing and blended inbound.

Tools Come Standard

  • Text to Speech – Identify the right party and elicit more interest and action.
  • IVR – menus to empower and prepare the customer with options to act or make payment.
  • Rotating Messages – Rotate messages, voice used, tone of voice, message variations, dialect and gender.

Broadcasting strategies can be applied to the needs of almost any industry, including Automotive, Associations and Organizations, Collections, Marketing, Newspapers, Politics and Governments, Schools and Universities.

Tailor Your Broadcasting Strategy

  • Cherry pick early cycle accounts that need a simple reminders with immediacy of linking to an agent for escalation, sales, and payment reminders.
  • Reminding customers that the agent is not going away, ensuring that every record gets a call.
  • Agentless contact to let consumers resolve issues without ever speaking to an agent.

Paced at a trickle or at full-speed, a voice broadcasting campaign can create a healthy buzz on the floor by supplementing any workload with more “inbound calls,” bringing positive and noticeable results. TCN’s auto dialer platform features are key to making it happen.

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