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Key Component to Customer Service

What Does Your Call Center Software Say About Your Customer Service?

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

Good customer service is the keystone of an exceptional call center. TCN’s third annual consumer survey reported that 81% of American consumers are likely to continue using a brand that has good customer service. This is a stark contrast from the staggering 73% of consumers who say they are likely to completely abandon a brand after just one slip-up in customer service.

Offering a customer experience that will wow your consumers can be a complicated endeavor. But one thing is for certain – the features your call center software offers directly demonstrate your commitment to customer service. Here are the features that should be non-negotiable for your call center software platform to help you make your customer service the best it can be:

Happy agents, happy customers

Offering a great customer experience starts with providing your agents with a user-friendly, seamless interface because happier agents naturally offer better service.

A key component to simplifying your agents’ duties is offering a knowledge base agents can easily access to find answers to customer’s questions quickly. This reduces the amount of time customers have to wait on hold because agents will have to spend less time searching for answers.

Reducing hold times is vital for a positive customer experience; in 2023, 35% of American consumers said the maximum time they are willing to wait on hold is 2-4 minutes – a change from 2022 when 35% of customers were willing to wait for 5-7 minutes. 

Enabling agents to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently is a great step toward improving your customer service experience. Features that empower your agents to do this include features like keeping everything in one place so agents aren’t needing to switch between platforms to do their jobs.

Other features include those that offer agents the support they need to succeed, such as Room 303, manager whisper capabilities, skill-based call routing, seamless call queuing and transfers and omnichannel communication options.

Nail down needed improvements

Offering appropriate training and support is another great step towards an extraordinary customer experience because it will help you to measure the effectiveness of your current initiatives and see where you don’t quite measure up.

Call recording helps call centers achieve this goal, allowing managers and agents to listen back on calls and improve their performance. In addition, call recording provides a caveat for managers to track customer interactions to resolve disputes and provide better training and, therefore, better service. 

When agents can listen back to their own calls, they can have concrete evidence that illustrates needed improvements or boost their confidence in what they handle well. 

Personalize your customer experience

Call recording alone isn’t enough to give you everything you need to truly boost your customer experience. When it is used hand in hand with Reporting and Analytics, you have the power to track customer interactions, accessing key insights into exactly what your customers need and empowering you to be better prepared to handle future recurring problems.

By utilizing Voice Analytics and Performance Analytics, you can become clued into needed improvements for any and all areas of your call center, whether it be your agents or your customers. Once you handle your big data, you can use Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization tools to make the needed improvements.

Make the right decision

Choosing the right call center software platform for your business is vital for your customer service. Request a demo to learn how TCN can provide all the features you need to optimize your agents and please your customers with an easy-to-use interface.

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