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VoIP Call Center Roundup: The Experts Weigh In

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

VoIP technology is taking call centers to the next level, saving money and resources while offering a higher level of functionality and dependability. The flexibility and scalability they offer to businesses of all sizes have leveled the playing field and given even the smallest organizations access to the tools that were traditionally available only to larger companies.

Below is a roundup of call center industry experts and their thoughts on VoIP call centers and the advantages this technology brings to the table. This roundup collects some of the best resources available on the subject to keep you informed and empowered with the latest information.

  • Momentum Telecom offers a succinct guide on the advantages of hosted VoIP for call centers. It breaks down of the ins and outs of making the transition to a Hosted Contact Center, offering some compelling evidence that this is the wave of the future. The advantages of a web-based contact center and the relatively easy transition make it an appealing choice for many companies in the field.
  • Capterra, a business software information resource, offers a rundown of the Top Call Center Software available today. This list includes many leaders in the field, whose own sites offer more in-depth information on their offerings. You can get product information straight from the source, by directly accessing VoIP call center software vendors’ websites.
  • According to Colin Taylor, CEO of contact-center consultancy The Taylor Reach Group Inc, “The real gains that I’ve seen companies realize in IP telephony include improved integration, efficiency, effectiveness and functionality.” While “traditional PBX systems require companies to spend upward of $175 per hour on contractors to simply add an agent to the system, with IT telephony … an in-house IT professional … can probably make those changes himself in less than five minutes.”
  • If you’re trying to decide between multiple VoIP service providers, VoIP Catalog’s site offers deep reviews of a wide variety of service providers and has great insight into their strengths and weaknesses. VoIP Catalog’s features, like this one on Customer Service Centers VoIP software, also provide up-to-date industry news.
  • Getting information directly from call center software providers’ own blogs can help you get the inside scoop on what makes their offerings unique. TCN’s blog can be a great resource as well, offering a wide variety of articles on the subject of VoIP in the call center.
  • The Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC, is a great resource for news, reviews, and more concerning VoIP applications in the call center and customer support industries. Another great site to check out is Customer Support Software, whose writers address issues that call center managers will find apt and interesting.
  • Customer Support Software’s articles, like this one on Valuable Tips to Extend the Value of Your Customer Support Software, can help you get the most out of your VoIP software and maximize your overall efficiency, improving your bottom line.

For more information on how to work smarter with business intelligence solutions for the modern call center, check out our Top 10 List When Considering a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution whitepaper.

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