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International Impact of Virtual Call Centers

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Author: TCN

There has been a great impact created by virtual call centers and this is being seen worldwide. As with any newer system and technology, there are going to be some bumps in the road, but overall virtual call centers have been a great asset to the business world. Virtual call centers are call centers that have the ability to work over the internet, which is an advantage as the amount of people who have access to the internet continues to grow daily.

With the newest VoIP software and technology that is available on the market today, many consumers/companies have the ability to set up a system that suits their needs. Staying connected is pertinent to the success of companies and this system can make it happen. People from around the world can be given access to join calls and everything is handled from a central location. Many times employees who work for virtual call centers actually work from the comfort of their own homes.

Making the switch over to virtual call centers has proven repeatedly to be very beneficial to those who have switched over. To stay on top in the business world, it is important to continue to have the newest, latest and greatest forms of communication. It typically gives one the ability to receive many more calls, process more orders, has reduced the turnover rate by close to 80% and from a customer service standpoint, close to 90% of phone calls do not have to be escalated to someone higher up.

When a company gives their consumer a technical support number to reach or a customer service line, they are generally sending a call out to a virtual call center (outsourcing) where all they do is handle situations such as these. This actually enhances the positivity between the interaction of the consumer and ‘company,’ builds a great rapport and allows the company to maintain focus and propel themselves forward.

Virtual call centers are being utilized in a variety of industries. These virtual call centers specialize in specific areas and offer services such as telecommunications, finance, professional/customer services, retail and the list continues to grow. The international impact that these virtual call centers have had is enormous. Not only do they offer cost effect solutions worldwide, they offer high quality (free) calls to essentially any location in the world. How can you top that?


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