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TCPA Compliance

How to Use Predictive Dialer Software and Business Intelligence to Improve TCPA Compliance

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The previous post discussed how business intelligence helps executives and managers build better-functioning businesses and stronger communications with customers. This post examines functions of the cloud based call center, specifically, predictive dialer software. By employing the feature and complementing it with business intelligence, organizations can reach more customers and take steps toward better TCPA compliance.

Predictive Dialer Software
Predictive dialer software can be the elephant in the room. It might make your contact center more efficient, but some might worry it could result in customer complaints or worse. The concern is understandable. Automation is good but only if parameters are put in place to protect your business and its customers.

Without those restrictions, your cloud based contact center or virtual call center could easily contact cell phone numbers or customers on the Do Not Call list. For example, a software application gone rogue or left unmonitored could contact customers at all times of the day, without regard for courtesy or people’s need to sleep—both situations could also violate TCPA calling guidelines.

Fortunately, modern predictive dialer software, like TCN’s cloud based contact center, operates differently—it automatically scrubs cell phone numbers and adheres to Do Not Call lists, further improving TCPA compliance. The software comes with other features, too, such as a scheduler and multiple scripts. With TCN’s predictive dialer software, your customers will feel cared for, and you’ll reduce the chances of a TCPA violation.

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Business Intelligence
If predictive dialer software enhances efficiency and TCPA compliance, then business intelligence shows how the software affects other key metrics for success. These indicators could relate to compliance efforts—an important initiative, considering how quickly and drastically regulations sometimes change. Usually, though, the indicators relate to efficiency, productivity, debt collection, sales, and the customer experience.

The way to assess those different metrics only occurs with vigorous measurement and analysis. However, measuring a single activity or department won’t get you very far. You must understand how every aspect of the business relates to the others. Sales and debt collections efforts, after all, impact more than cash flow reports. They also affect customer loyalty and repeat business, as well as agent engagement and workplace satisfaction.

Because of that, your organization needs robust analytics software that pulls from data across the organization. TCN’s business intelligence software, part of its cloud based contact center platform, fills the bill. With it, you can assess how predictive dialing software—and other contact center functions—influence customer relationships, debt collections, and agent productivity.

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Integrate, Don’t Isolate
If you want to improve your monthly call center metrics, don’t use one virtual call center feature alone. Use all the tools at your disposal, including predictive dialer software and business intelligence, to achieve greater success. If you do, you’ll see metrics improve across the board.

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