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TCN: Providing the Best Services for Healthcare Call Centers

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The healthcare industry is always changing and evolving as healthcare professionals deal with budget cuts, employee turnover, and creating new strategies to improve the payer-consumer relationship.

As outsiders of the healthcare industry, TCN innovates cloud-based software from another point of view. We provide healthcare call centers with new advancements that change the patient-agent relationship by creating features that elevate healthcare call centers.

“Innovators/entrepreneurs from outside of healthcare need to understand that what healthcare desperately needs is not innovative technology alone, but first and foremost it is an experience (for both patients and providers) that can elevate that care and compassion that is provided to patients. Technology designed with these principles top of mind, that can seamlessly integrate in the complex, generally dated systems typically used in healthcare is essential as these older or less optimally designed systems will not be retired immediately.”

Rebecca Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston)

How TCN Helps the Healthcare Industry

TCN focuses on improving the healthcare experience by providing real-time data and intelligence to optimize care. In fact, due to COVID-19, the healthcare industry is seeing an increase in inbound call volume. 

More patient inquiries are coming in regarding how this pandemic will affect one’s care. TCN offers a suite of industry-leading features to enhance the healthcare experience. The platform allows contact center managers to oversee all operations in one place — thanks to its cloud-based software.

Healthcare Call Centers: TCN Features to Enhance the Experience

Due to the worldwide pandemic, more agents are working from home. And because TCN’s software is cloud-based, many healthcare groups have benefited from using these features to enhance the healthcare experience.

  • TCN Notification – this feature helps call center agents quickly send alerts and reminders to patients while staying in compliance with healthcare industry regulations in real-time. These alerts can include emergency notifications and bill payment reminders.
  • Queue Callback – The interface automatically calls back a patient and takes them to the next available agent without being kept on hold.
  • Agent Gateway– TCN’s agent interface is easy-to-use and is made to simplify all of the aspects of the agent’s role in a contact center. Healthcare call center agents can see patient information immediately when the call connects.
  • Call Recording – TCN’s call recording software is built to help an organization stay compliant under TCPA guidelines. These recordings are searchable and are available in real-time to provide insights and keep healthcare facilities efficient.
  • IVR & Automated Payments – allow patients to automatically look up account and billing information, and make payments on their terms.

For more information on what TCN is doing for at-home agents, head over to our COVID-19 response page.

The Need for Greater Patient Satisfaction

Pew Research reports that more than half of consumers (52 percent) report searching online for health- or care-related information. It is crucial for patients to connect to the right agent with the correct information to ensure they receive the support they need. Healthcare call center agents can be on the front line for patients, answering questions, solving problems and much more to maintain patient expectations.

In the healthcare industry, patient care is their number one priority. Thankfully many of the roadblocks that healthcare professionals run into on a daily basis can be handled by trained agents that keep patient satisfaction as a priority. TCN’s services enable agents to connect with its cloud-based interface. Using KPI data and Speech Analytics can help call centers gain insight into areas for improvement. TCN software is constantly finding new ways to help call centers provide the best care to their patients.

If healthcare call center managers are able to utilize cloud-based software, they will maintain a new level of efficiency that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

TCN is here to optimize the healthcare experience. Request a Demo today.

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