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Say Goodbye to Your TCPA Compliance Nightmares

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Picture this:

You work hard to keep your contact center up-to-date with the latest compliance regulations. Everything is going smoothly, but what you don’t know is that your system is accidentally dialing cell phones listed on the Do Not Call Registry. Not only that, but it is calling the same number multiple times a day.

The person begins to get extremely annoyed by the constant phone calls, especially after asking to be put on the Do Not Call list. Eventually, the phone calls become harassment, and your call center is facing fines and a lawsuit.

As a call center manager, this is likely a description of your worst compliance nightmare. With so many moving pieces in a contact center, it can be nerve-wracking knowing there might be something you missed in compliance checks. Not to mention, it seems that rule updates occur frequently — which can make keeping up with regulations feel even more discouraging. 

No need to fear, TCN is here.

TCN’s cloud call center software comes packed full of tools that help you maintain top-tier compliance. Let’s take a look at a few features of TCN’s Compliance Suite that can make your compliance nightmares become a distant memory. 

Automate Compliance and Minimize Risk

Using a smart algorithm, TCN’s Natural Language Compliance (NLC) builds rules naturally to help keep your call center on track with TCPA regulations. With no limit to the number of rules you can build, customize your contact center’s compliance to meet your needs. This can make a rule such as not calling within seven days, automatically implemented into your compliance management system. The industry-first technology of NLC helps your contact center stay on top of TCPA compliance regulations.

Reduce Risk by Reviewing and Approving

Manually Approved Calling (MAC) software includes a group of agents that are tasked with approving that a phone number is allowed to be contacted, then the call is sent to another agent to speak with the consumer. Although this might seem tedious, including this process can be exactly what your contact center needs to minimize compliance risks without sacrificing efficiency.

Take a closer look at what it’s like with MAC:

  • Approve and reject calls based on whether or not they meet compliance standards.
  • Manually approve phone numbers without needing to create separate campaigns.
  • Quickly review each account in real-time with information readily available.
  • Seamlessly switch between approving and taking calls with unified interfaces.

Communicate and Increase Callbacks

Nobody likes to feel bothered, utilize TCN’s non-intrusive voicemail delivery service that sends voice messages directly to consumers’ voice mailboxes. Implementing VocalDirect technology can send voicemails to thousands of mobile phones and helps increase callbacks for essential messages that need to be heard.

See new CFPB clarifications concerning leaving a voicemail as debt collection communication.
While only scratching the surface of the possibilities available with TCN’s software, you can see that your contact center could only benefit from implementing these software tools. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you deserve to sleep safe and sound knowing your compliance is in good hands. Learn more about how TCN can help your call center compliance by requesting a demo today.

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