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Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

The Impact of Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions on Customer Engagement

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

While providing good customer service is essential, true customer engagement goes much deeper. It’s about cultivating an ongoing relationship that transcends business transactions and fosters genuine loyalty. This loyalty, in turn, is the lifeblood of a thriving contact center.

But how exactly can contact centers create this kind of relationship with their consumers?

Imagine one of your customers needs help with an overdue bill. They work traditional business hours and prefer messaging rather than a phone call. Disappointingly, your contact center offers no alternative communication options that are available 24/7.

This wouldn’t just impact your customer’s immediate satisfaction with your contact center; it would create a negative perception of your entire operation and could drive them to a competitor that better accommodates their communication needs.

In today’s landscape, omnichannel contact centers aren’t a modern perk – they’re crucial for creating and maintaining positive customer engagement. 

The benefits of omnichannel contact centers for customer engagement  

Customers today expect an efficient and convenient experience across all touchpoints, including email, chat, SMS, social media and phone calls. However, it is clear that offering omnichannel options to your customers doesn’t just provide the benefit of catering to diverse needs — it also can make or break several other areas of operation.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction

    Don’t settle for just any omnichannel solution – the right features make all the difference in boosting customer satisfaction.

    TCN’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides intelligent routing to ensure your customers will be directed to the right agent to help them with their inquiries as soon as possible, eliminating frustrating handoffs and boosting customer satisfaction.

    Additionally, you should select a solution that provides a single interface for all channels, enabling your agents to switch between channels seamlessly during an interaction. All of TCN’s tools are available within one intuitive, user-friendly interface to make juggling communication channels easy for your agents. This keeps your agents and customers happy, boosts your resolution time and increases your efficiency.
  2. Improved customer experience

    It’s not just about giving your customers multiple options to choose from – it’s also about giving them the option to accomplish simple tasks on their own.

    Offering omnichannel self-serve options with TCN’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution allows customers to resolve simple issues independently, reducing wait times for those who need live support. This caters to customers who prefer self-service or have limited time and maximizes your customer engagement.
  3. Enhanced agent productivity

    A good omnichannel solution boosts agent productivity by offering a streamlined, unified interface and introducing automation to your contact center. Automation can handle repetitive tasks, freeing up agents’ time for more complex inquiries and ensuring your agents are readily available for customers who need them.

    Furthermore, agent productivity skyrockets when they are able to pull up all relevant customer information, including call history, with ease. This makes providing excellent customer service effortless.

Boost your customer engagement with TCN’s omnichannel solution

Customer satisfaction, agent productivity and the customer experience you provide all directly impact your customer engagement and, therefore, the future of your contact center. 

TCN offers a robust omnichannel contact center solution, complete with features that work to enhance your customer engagement. Learn more about TCN’s omnichannel solutions and how they can transform your contact center for the better.

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