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Manually Approved Calling

Make Every Call Count With Manually Approved Calling

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Spencer Peterson

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Compliance is often intimidating and daunting. It affects call centers worldwide and is constantly changing and evolving. With all of the changes that occur from year to year and the different rules that shift from one campaign to another, it feels almost impossible to keep up without micromanaging every aspect. When paired with automated compliance solutions, Manually Approved Calling (MAC) gives you just enough hands-on control to keep you comfortable with your compliance status while taking a step back and relaxing.

What is MAC?

Manually Approved Calling is a call center’s fail-safe against compliance risks. Even when call centers utilize automated solutions that scrub call lists to eliminate compliance risks, it might be hard to trust that no compliance violations will make it through. MAC helps to eliminate these pesky violations by allowing a team of agents to screen call lists manually after they have been scrubbed and before the calls are placed.

During the screening process, agents are presented with the account and contact information, giving them everything they need to determine if a call should be approved or rejected. From there, it is just a push of a button before the call is added to a call queue and automatically dialed, then connected to an agent. No calls can be made without manually checking each account’s information, which is a simple process after being prescreened with the automated system.

Control Your Compliance

Even though MAC needs agents to review and approve calls manually, call center agents don’t have to spend all day screening and approving. Call centers can choose to have a designated team of approval agents, or they can have their current team of active agents switch seamlessly between authorizing and calling. With this final screening process, efficiency can remain high. At the same time, your call quality improves due to increased compliance and a constant flow of pre-approved calls that are presented to agents only when live answers are sensed. 

Keep Up With Calls by Pairing Cloud Solutions

MAC is a powerful tool for call centers that want an extra layer of security in their compliance suite. While it is highly beneficial, it is even more valuable when paired with other cloud software solutions:

  • Cell phone scrubs
  • Predictive dialers
  • Manual dialers 

A cell phone scrubber is one of the many compliance solutions that help narrow down call lists before they reach approval agents. To keep compliant with TCPA and other regulations, you can scrub lists for cell numbers and clear them before calls are made so that your call center remains compliant.

Predictive dialers also aid in call center operations by taking the numbers from the call lists made with MAC and calling them automatically as it recognizes that agents are available. This ensures that agents and consumers are connected immediately with no downtime or delays.

With a manual dialer system, agents can pause the queue for new calls to manually dial a phone number if needed. Even if a call is disconnected, they can reconnect with the consumer to continue providing top-notch service. 
Manually Approved Calling can keep your call center compliant and improve efficiency. Imagine what you could do with a full compliance suite of solutions at your fingertips.

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