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How Top Companies Lower Operational Costs with a Cloud Based Call Center

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New businesses and established companies alike have invested in the power of the cloud, and the call center industry is realizing the benefits that come from implementing a cloud-based system – the biggest being call center workforce management. The normal call center is stocked full of various sundry equipment, much of which becomes outdated almost as quickly as it’s installed. The loss of capital related to purchasing hardware equipment is only the tip of the iceberg when the cost savings of establishing a cloud-based call center are explored.

Hardware Savings

The savings in hardware is obvious and might alone be worth the implementation. A cloud-based call center is no longer in need of the latest and greatest when it comes to storing equipment on the premises. Without the need for such hardware, the need for a large IT team diminishes too. Although an IT team is still required, the size of that team can be minimized to a fraction of the size of the team needed for a premise-based call center. And in many cases, on-site IT teams can be eliminated completely due to built-in IT support that comes with newer cloud-based call center solutions. Even more compelling, a streamlined IT team using a cloud-based system could be several times more powerful than the original, larger team.

Time is Money

A cloud-based call center utilizes the latest technologies for managing outgoing and incoming calls. The increase in productivity is far beyond what a traditional call center is capable of, just by automating and completing tasks in a manner that no human could ever achieve.

Number of Outgoing Calls Can Quadruple

For outgoing calls, the calls and connections can be exponentially increased. Using an intelligent, cloud-based software system, your team can reduce down time between calls. If the autodial connects to a busy signal, the system immediately dials the next contact. If the autodial connects to an answering machine, the system can automatically leave an automated or prerecorded voicemail. While that voicemail is being left, the agent can potentially already be speaking with another client.

Incoming Calls Can Be Captivating

Gone are the days of operators having to connect a caller to the department they are calling for through a switch-based system. When automated, the rapidity of calls being directed to the proper destination is increased. In addition, what was wasted time in the past during transfers can become prime time to communicate valuable messages and advertising to potential clients.

Quality Management

The best cloud-based call center software also provides the power for effective team and individual agent management. Multiple tools allow for a range of productivity-boosting management tasks, including implementing reward systems based on specific metrics, and employing constructive criticism (based on agent KPIs) for the purpose of goading success. For example, using detailed system reports call centers can determine which agent is most adept at dealing with volatile clients and can then set up a chain of command in the system to divert angry callers to that capable agent via skill-based routing.

Redundancy and Increased Uptime

Without the need for hardware-based data backup onsite, there are not only savings concerning the hardware but assurance that the company’s data is safe and secure. A cloud-based software system has redundancy woven into the system to ensure that if there is ever a problem, the switch to a second or third backup system is virtually instant. This removes the potential downtime that comes with having to manually switch out hardware and the logistics of organizing the IT team to get the fix done. With a cloud-based solution, when your customers need you, you are there for them.

Scalability and Flexibility

Some companies need the ability to rapidly expand their output on a moment’s notice. A cloud-based call center has the ability to go from a 10 agent operation to a 100 agent operation in a matter of minutes. With the right software, agents can be located in hundreds of places across the globe yet still form a single call center, all working within the exact same system. This allows for the flexibility of temp agents who are on-call or the ability to hire the best-of-the-best and allow them to work from anywhere they need.

The Future of Call Centers Is In the Cloud

Those companies that are the quickest to implement the power of a cloud-based call center will be positioned to experience substantial cost savings and the greatest gains.

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