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call center software

The Top 5 Reasons Call Center Software is a Necessity for Your Business

call center software


Have you ever considered the power of leveraging call center software to run your operation? Continual advances in technology have led to cloud-based, VoIP call center software that can automate your tasks and give you capabilities you only imagined before. Not only can you substantially increase productivity across the board, you also have the ability to stay within the law with the ever-changing compliance codes.

Here are the top five reasons why updating your current outdated call center model can help take your business to the next level.

#1 – No Hardware and No In-house IT Department

Probably the best benefit right off the bat is the lack of hardware needed on your end. The call centers of yesteryear are laden with servers, multiple software solutions and large crews of Internet technicians buzzing about. Imagine a call center system with no need for all of the hardware and specialized teams to go along with it!

Cloud-based call center software allows you to take your business online, which releases you from what was formerly a very large and cumbersome part of the call center world – freeing you up to do what you do best. Using a cloud-based call center setup comes with the advantage of having IT services included.

System updates and system downtime are also things of the past, as cloud-based call center solutions provide your business with backup and redundancy features. Things such as intelligent automated update processes and the expertise of off-premise technicians who do all the heavy lifting for you will no doubt be welcome additions to your team.

#2 – TCPA Compliance

You are already familiar with many of the requirements and expectations set forth with TCPA. Often in the effort to protect the public, guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies can seem to make your job more difficult than necessary. But by implementing call center software, you can effectively stay within the guidelines while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your agents.

Here are some of the things the right call center software can do to keep you in compliance:

  • Call Recording with Pause Features – Enables recording phone conversations with the compliance feature of being able to pause the live recording to ensure customer privacy.
  • Agent Manual-Dial – A tool that requires an agent to dial and includes added agent efficiency tools.
  • Cell Phone Scrubbing – Cell phone calls are immediately dropped from the call list when discovered.

#3 – Call Recording for Quality Control

Recording calls and pausing the recording is capable of a lot more than maintaining TCPA compliance. Arguably, the more powerful benefit is its use for increasing productivity.
As a leader, you can probably already begin to imagine the possibilities of being able to record your agents’ real time interactions in order to use them for teaching opportunities in your bid to hone their abilities. You can even use the recording features to build incentive programs and, even better, to discover which agents are best fielding specific types of questions or customers.

Then, using the skill-based routing that comes with call center software, incoming calls can be directed to the exact agents who will best handle those client needs.

#4 – Virtual Employees

Continuing in the vein of directing calls to their proper destinations is the ability of call center software to allow for virtual employees in both inbound and outbound call centers. Using virtual employees allows your company to save money on renting office space, as well as increasing your total employable applicant pool. When you’re not limited by your office’s location, you can scout the best talent and improve your shop’s overall efficiency.

#5 – Real-time Reports

Call center software can empower you to efficiently run a center in ways that normally would take several people to pull off. The ability to sit at your terminal and monitor, in real time, exactly what is taking place on your floor is priceless. Imagine the ability to see agent behavior in real time so that you’re able to immediately alter the course of the conversation they’re having, offer feedback and coaching, or have their call transferred to another agent who is on a hot streak and surpassing goals and expectations. The power of real-time reports allows you to run a call center from an omniscient perspective, seeing the big picture all at once and having the ability to enter into the picture at any point, at any time!

Eventually older technologies will cease to be supported and call centers not on the cutting edge will fall by the wayside. If you are serious about continuing to help move your company up the ranks in your field, a cloud-based call center software solution is a necessity!

Download your free copy of the TCPA Compliance Checklist eBook to keep your agents and call center on track with the new TCPA regulations.

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