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How to Make Your Contact Center Efficient Using Online Transcription Services

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As a call center manager, you might feel like you have a handle on your contact center efficiency. However, if you are not utilizing online transcription services then your organization is not reaching its full potential.

Due to recent advancements, Speech Analytics has brought online transcription services to a whole new level. The elite technology is helping call centers utilize data from agent and customer interactions like never before. The data findings found from Speech Analytics helps call centers to be more proficient in managing and using data.

Let’s break down how TCN’s Speech Analytics uses online transcription services to help increase your contact center efficiency.

How Does Online Transcription Work?
Online transcription services are critical for ensuring your call center stays on top of every conversation. TCN’s automatic transcription tool records all conversations between agents and customers — providing highly accurate real-time data. Having conversations transcribed allows you to easily search the data for keywords or phrases. Transcriptions can also be used for future agent training and feedback.

Call transcriptions can be used as a safe-guard to help reduce compliance risk. With all conversations overseen and easily reviewed, issues can be identified quickly. Your organization can get ahead of problems that could lead to potential lawsuits or possible financial loss.

In addition to transcription services, call center managers can experience additional benefits of Speech Analytics services such as:

  • Call time reduction
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Search and discovery tools
  • 24/7 professional customer support

Why Speech Analytics is a Contact Center Essential
Operating your contact center without the help of Speech Analytics is putting you behind your competitors. With its thorough search and discovery tools, call centers are able to gain real-time insights and track progress. This tool provides a deeper look into every conversation with your customers. You deserve to know how your agents are performing and if your customers are happy. With the help it provides contact centers in taking advantage of possible opportunities and modifying operations — the value of Speech Analytics software is not something to be overlooked.

The features of Speech Analytics is one more supporting item that helps call centers understand the benefits of cloud-based technology. The actions taken after a contact center analyzes customer insight can dramatically change business operations.

TCN has helped organizations worldwide implement Speech Analytics and enjoy the online transcription services. See how one of TCN’s clients has enjoyed incorporating from this technology:

“The direct integration with TCN’s cloud-based technology platform has provided our clients with increased usability across the entire suite of tools. We recognize TCN to be one of the best call center technology platforms in the market and ultimately selected TCN based on its all-encompassing suite of solutions and overall value add for our clients.”
-Mark Bergman, Chief Operating Officer, CDS Software

TCN’s call center solutions are paving the way for organizations to reach new levels of efficiency and performance.

Let TCN help your contact center take the next step to increased efficiency and productivity with the help of Speech Analytics.

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