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Call Center Software Integration with CRM Systems

How Does Call Center Software Integrate with CRM Systems?

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

Call center software serves as the command center for all your customer interactions, such as routing calls, recording conversations and helping agents manage these conversations efficiently. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are the means by which contact centers effectively store comprehensive consumer data, like account information, purchase history, customer preferences and records of previous conversations, in a single, accessible location. Information captured during calls automatically flows into the CRM. 

However, when this data is stored in an interface that is separate from the call center software platform, time-consuming manual searches may frustrate agents and lead to less-than-satisfactory customer service. Customers may have to redundantly repeat their issues to agents because their previous conversations are not readily available for context for the agent currently assisting them.

To put it in the simplest of terms, call center software CRM integration is all about efficient data sharing. When your software is integrated with your CRM, these two systems share data in real-time, creating a single source of information. This means agents can access a complete customer profile without needing to switch between interfaces. 

This smooth flow of data provides innumerable benefits to your contact center by empowering agents to focus on what matters most: the customer.

Benefits of call center software CRM integration 

Here’s why you need to ensure your call center software is integrated with your CRM:

1. Enhanced customer experiences

Call center software CRM integration unlocks true efficiency in a call center by providing agents with all the information they need in real-time via pop-up prompts, regardless of the communication channel. Previous call recordings are readily available for quick reference, allowing agents to provide seamless service. 

Armed with this knowledge, agents can personalize the conversation, offer more relevant solutions and address customer needs more effectively. This leads to greater first-call resolution, higher customer satisfaction, consistent customer service and a stress-free experience for all.

2. Improved agent productivity

Because agents are a contact center’s most expensive resource, optimizing agent productivity is vital for a call center’s success. Call center software CRM integration saves your contact center time and money by eliminating the need for agents to participate in manual data searching. This focus on strategic thinking, rather than tactical execution, empowers your contact center to provide excellent customer service without overwhelming agent resources.

3. Streamlined operations

Call center software CRM integration opens the door for you to automate tasks and services that improve overall performance, such as call tracking, reporting and data analysis, while reducing human error. Streamlining your processes in this way further optimizes your resources, saving your call center time and money.

4. Empowered, data-driven decisions 

Because call center software CRM integration consolidates data storage to a single interface, analyzing data to identify areas for improvement becomes that much easier. Utilize collected information to derive actionable insights and maximize your overall call center operations.

TCN’s call center software CRM integration

TCN’s call center software solution integrates seamlessly with your favorite platforms, including Zendesk, Zoho and Salesforce. Additionally, TCN participates in many partnerships to make it even easier for your call center to operate optimally. For example, TCN currently partners with REPAY, empowering its customers to facilitate payments on any channel.

TCN’s open API services mean your call center software platform will be endlessly customizable. Whether you need simple or complex integrations, your interface will still be intuitive and easy to use. 

Call center software CRM integration provides complete visibility into your processes right at their source, providing you with powerful insight into touchpoints that align with your business objectives and give your organization a competitive edge. 

TCN makes it easy for you to create a platform that best meets your needs and is always updating its integrated partnerships so it can grow with you. 

The power of call center software CRM integration

Call center software CRM integration means all the customer data that naturally flows into your CRM is readily and easily available on your contact center software interface. This integration opens the door to omnichannel payment collection, optimized customer service, boosted agent productivity and maximized overall contact center operations.

Check out our Integration and Automation page to learn more about how TCN can exceed your integration expectations.

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