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Call Center Software Affects the Customer Experience

How Call Center Software Affects the Customer Experience

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Many factors go into the success of a call center and how the wheels turn on a day-to-day basis. Out of all the factors that go into it, it is crucial to have the right call center software with features and tools that increase productivity and help the overall customer experience. After all, the happier the customers are with your service as a call center, the more successful you will be in the long run. 

The process of becoming successful can be challenging. Regardless of the scenario; whether it’s business-related, a sports team winning a championship, personal accomplishments, or simply getting your steps in for the day, it all starts with a plan and usually has some tools that help you track the progress that lifts you to the point of success. Sports teams may have the most talented players on their squad, but without implementing execution, preparation, and establishing goals, they might never achieve the ultimate goal — a championship. Similarly, without the right tools in place, it becomes much harder to complete any type of goal that you have set for your call center.

With TCN’s cloud-based call center software, the possibilities for taking your contact center to the next level are endless when you have the tools you need to succeed. Each one of our industry-leading call center solutions is carefully and thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the features that can affect the customer experience and determine your call center’s success.

Inbound Features

TCN’s intuitive inbound features put the on the best face for your company’s image. In less than a second, customers and clients are greeted with customized information and options to take action via the IVR, including connecting to an agent best-equipped to help with the situation. This sophisticated routing technology is what ultimately allows agents to provide exceptional customer service.

Information is instantly received by the agent, who is better prepared to serve the caller’s needs and focus on high-value interactions. Alternately, customers can be directed to automated payment systems, web addresses, or mailing addresses. And for future campaigns, client information can be stored for processing and payment capture.

TCN Leads with its Simple, Innovative Inbound Features:

  • Hosted IVR for taking immediate action
  • Enhanced ACD for sophisticated, skill-based routing
  • Customizable call recordings and menus
  • Toll-free and local numbers

Voice Analytics

With the insights TCN Voice Analytics reveals in your customer conversations, you can finally answer questions such as “Are my customers happy?”, “Does my call center have compliance risk?”, “How are my agents performing?” or “Are calls being handled efficiently?”

Voice Analytics for your call center helps you enjoy increased efficiency and improved agent performance, making the overall customer experience greater. TCN takes a load off your back with its 24/7 professional support and the ability to reduce compliance risk.

Business Intelligence Reporting

TCN’s Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting gives you the information you need to prepare for the future, manage performance from the enterprise to the individual, and support time-sensitive decision-making.

TCN’s Essential Reporting allows you to experience the value and insights of Business Intelligence — while upgrading to TCN’s Professional BI provides custom reporting, analytics, and dashboards for insights only limited by your imagination. TCN’s automated and customized reports allow for seamless changes, a hassle-free experience, and will allow you to have the exact what you’ve always wanted for your call center.

Integration and Automation

The numerous integrations TCN offers are made to seamlessly integrate with your CRM and applications — all helping provide you with a stress-free experience. Not to mention, integrating with additional applications helps your call center stay equipped with all the tools and services you need to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

Check out the benefits of TCN’s power duo integration with Salesforce. Designed to bring your call center the perfect combination of performance and efficiency, you can have seamless operations.

TCN’s Cloud-Based Platform

These features and so many more are available to you and your call center through the cloud, making the overall process of tracking the customer experience more effortless than ever. TCN’s Operator platform is dedicated to making sure you are meeting your customer’s expectations and needs by providing the tools and features you will need to succeed. 

Schedule a free demo today and see how TCN’s platform can help increase your call center’s customer experience.

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