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Getting the Most out of Your Outbound Call Center Software

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

It’s no secret that contact center managers could use all the help they can get when it comes to organizing, cutting costs, and improving productivity. With so many moving pieces in a call center, it’s vital for employers to increase their visibility on business metrics to make informed decisions.

Having a system that keeps your business running smoothly not only impacts your outcome but affects your people as well.

A Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite offers a collection of tools that help contact centers improve their agent performance — all of which will help you get the most out of your outbound call center software.

Let’s take a closer look at everything Workforce Optimization can do for your organization.

Call Recording

With audio recordings, you can boost effectiveness by discovering and addressing issues quickly. This data allows you to identify long silences and abandoned calls.

Being able to look back on recorded calls and review interactions helps you discover successful tactics or areas in need of improvement — not to mention it enables you to monitor TCPA compliance. Accessing the current statistics for your outbound call center helps you always know where your organization stands.

See how TCN uses call recordings to help organizations maintain TCPA compliance.

Quality Assurance

The ability to tag keywords such as “manager” or “unacceptable” will automatically bring your attention to any calls that contain each word. Doing so helps you to determine how well agents are following policies and procedures.

Tagging keywords also allows you to assess a situation and quickly solve or prevent issues — helping you improve quality assurance.

Agent Training & Coaching

Whether it’s a new agent, or an experienced agent handling a delicate situation, sometimes employees need help. This tool provides you with the ability to trigger automatic coaching alerts — helping you identify agents that need assistance or additional training.

Using manager-to-agent whispering allows your agents to receive guidance during their outbound call to help improve their performance. Sometimes a timid agent needs their manager to guide them through a customer call to build confidence and get them on their feet. See what TCN has to say about what makes a great agent.

Speech Analytics

With the process of analyzing your recorded calls and gathering information, you can improve your agents’ communication and future interactions. Speech Analytics provides you with search and discovery tools, along with automated call transcription to help increase your outbound call center’s efficiency.

Utilizing your data can help you gain your time back by reducing the time spent combing through each call individually. Gathering insights about your data can help your outbound call center cut costs and increase efficiency — see what TCN Speech Analytics has to offer.

Workforce Management (WFM)

It’s not doing anyone a favor if too many agents are scheduled during less busy hours, OR if there are not enough agents scheduled to work when you need them most. Workforce Management provides your call center with forecasts and schedules according to your agent staffing needs.

Doing so helps ensure that there are enough agents during the highest calling time. It also eliminates extra costs by cutting down the number of scheduled agents during slower times.

Taking advantage of the Workforce Optimization suite can help ease the weight off your shoulders and bring your contact center to the next level.

Download our feature guide to see how TCN’s WFO can work for you and your outbound call center software.

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