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It’s a Wrap: C3 2024 Event Recap

C3 Recap

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Author: McKay Bird

C3 2024 was one for the books! TCN’s annual event welcomed hundreds of TCN clients and industry professionals from all over for two days of Connecting, Collaborating and Communicating. Attendees left inspired, informed and equipped with the latest insights and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of the contact center. 

From insightful expert-led product sessions to inspiring keynotes, C3 2024 had it all and more. Read on for some top highlights and learn how to catch up on anything you missed. 

For those who missed C3 2024, viewing on-demand is now available. And be sure to stay tuned for C3 2025 dates! 

Check out all the C3 2024 sessions on demand here.


The conference started with powerful keynote speakers, each bringing a unique perspective. 

Dave’s inspiring journey, from repeated arrests to advocating for criminal justice reform, is helping others achieve their greatest potential. Throughout his lifetime, he has learned how to build a positive work environment for teams of all sizes through accountability. 

In talking about accountability, Dave said: “Accountability. I believe in being 200% accountable. I am 100% accountable for myself and 100% accountable for you. This is the only way to build continued trust.”

Dave went on, “I spent the first half of my life helping people die. I will spend the second half of my life helping them live”.

Tim and Scott are industry titans. Need we say more?

Tim and Scott advocated for more members to get involved on the local, state and federal regulatory levels. Debt collection is a complex task and they shared insightful tips on managing your business with many moving parts.  

All attendees left day two’s keynote session empowered to tackle any industry challenges that may arise, knowing resources are available, such as ACA International’s compliance and educational courses.

General session highlights

In addition to C3 2024 keynotes, TCN experts led an array of product tours and announcements and practical implementation of key operator features. Helping drive more automation, agentless transactions and agent efficiencies. 

1. Are You Using Your Digital Channels Effectively?

Piggybacking off the research conducted by TCN, Taylor Checketts, Senior Account Manager, introduced new Omnichannel features to the audience. Operator’s Omnichannel solutions, including Click2Pay via SMS and Email, have helped many increase payments without agent interactions.

Survey results from TCN’s latest consumer survey highlighted the benefits and trends around digital channels, emphasizing how vital these new channels are to an upcoming demographic. 

Industry Perspective

Also, there is a plethora of updated reports for digital channels. 

Checketts shared that your digital channel strategy should consistently evolve with your business and customer demands. He continued, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place to be, but nothing ever grows there.”

2. TCN Product Vision: Working Together for Future Success

Jesse Bird, CTO of TCN, introduced TCN’s broader mission for products and Operator – TCN’s cloud-based contact center platform.

Operator’s mission is to:

  • Provide an integrated software platform encompassing every critical function of contact center operations. 
  • Democratize best-in-breed contact center software to organizations of all sizes. 
  • Bring the benefits of the cloud to the contact center.

Promising a unified experience in the contact center, Jesse reiterated Operator’s promise of always being scalable, affordable, secure and fast. 

Jesse concluded with TCN’s vision for A.I. and M/L in the contact center. It is at the core of many applications within Operator, from workforce engagement, data management, flows, agent effectiveness, to conversational analytics, reporting and call scheduling, to name a few.  

3. Agent Efficiencies: Getting the Most Out of Your Agents

Focusing on Workforce Management (WFM), TCN’s Dave Bethers, VP of Product at TCN, shared new improvements to the Workforce Engagement application. 

Improvements to WFM:

  • History/Skills Profiles – What type of work has historically arrived (conversations)?
  • Forecast – What type of work do we predict will arrive and what skills are required to handle that?
  • Schedule – How many agents will we need and what skills will they need to handle the predicted work?
  • Adherence – How did it all come together and did you have enough agents to handle that work? Are your contact center service level objectives being met?

Dave reiterated throughout his session that “people are the most important resource a contact center manages,” and any organization must be able to track those associated costs. 

4. Strategies for Productivity Enhancement Using Workforce Optimization

Scott Brownlee, Product Training & Customer Engagement at TCN, closed out the conference for us all. He introduced us to the improvements made in the Workforce Engagement application, especially around Workforce Optimization, including multi-language support in Voice Analytics, Auto Evaluation Flags and Scorecards. 

Sharing ways to identify, improve and discover conversations was the highlight of Scott’s session. Learning opportunities for contact center agents can improve how agents communicate with consumers, learning from mistakes.

Workforce Engagement Graph

Thank you to all

C3 2024 was a game-changing event. Thank you to all our attendees, speakers and sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without your continued support. Your participation and involvement throughout the two days hopefully provided some insights for personal development as well as driving business operational efficiency. 

For those who missed C3 2024, viewing on-demand is now available. And be sure to stay tuned for C3 2025 dates! 

Check out all the C3 2024 sessions on demand here.

About the Author: McKay Bird

Mckay Bird is the Chief Marketing Officer for TCN, a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Mckay oversees all marketing operations, campaigns and conferences including; content production, email marketing, and other inbound marketing activities.