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Advanced Analytics

Applying Advanced Call Analytics

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Running a call center is like being a long-distance runner, you need to make sure you have the right gear, pace yourself and stay consistent.

The Best Gear

Equipping your agents properly is a major step in helping your agents succeed. While, call center agents don’t use tools in the traditional sense, ensuring they have the best software is key.

Providing the best software can help expedite and improve the training process. You need a software that is easy to learn and use to simplify all of the tasks that your agents have to complete. Agents are often expected to make/answer calls, respond to messages, update contact info and communicate with other team members during a day’s work. There is not a lot of room for error and it is difficult to keep up with it all. 

Advanced call center software is the solution to many of your problems. Not only does it help with agent training and onboarding, but the right software reduces the number of tasks that you and your agents must actively pursue, such as building and executing call analysis campaigns.

TCN’s robust call center solution offers integrated call analytics that automate and simplify your analytics. Instead of wasting hours every day compiling data into a spreadsheet, and even longer deciphering what it all means, managers get automatic updates with real-time data from their calls. This software makes analytics effortless and provides more insight than manually analyzing your calls. What do these insights mean for you?

Set the Pace

Analytics set the pace for your call center. They can tell you how your call center is performing as a whole, your average call and hold times, individual agent performance and where the pain points of your business are. These insights will help you set the pace for the future of your business. 

The role of a call center manager is to lead and guide your business and employees to success through strategic decisions based on sound data. This is impossible without up-to-date information. By collecting and analyzing real-time data, you can 

  • Set attainable goals 
  • Create effective training programs
  • Steadily improve customer service
  • Increase your call center’s efficiency

Voice Analytics scans calls for predetermined keywords to identify agitated consumers or compliance risks. With this data, agents can escalate calls when needed, identify and record sore points and consumer concerns in their profile and remain compliant.

Business Intelligence provides insights into the minute details of your call center. It monitors each agent individually to identify strong performers while also keeping track of call and hold times, goals, trends and calls. With this data, it intelligently predicts call volumes and staffing needs. With all of these metrics and more at your fingertips, call center managers can turn their call center around and keep it running at peak efficiency by making a plan based on all the available data.

These plans should outline your goals for your call center and the steps to achieving these goals. Plans and goals need to be structured but flexible. As your call center grows and the market changes, your goals will change.

Keep it Consistent

While it is okay and encourage to change your goals as needed, it is essential to keep your system consistent. Create your strategy based on the available data, implement and measure the success of your strategy and as you gain more information, modify as necessary. This system of improvement is how you will take your call center to the top by utilizing analytics. Analytics are the key to your success. The more information your gather through consistent analysis, the stronger your basis for change will be and the more accurately you can predict the needs of your business and consumers.

Finish First With TCN

As you race to keep up with the continuous changes in the call and contact center industry, TCN is here to support you with cloud-based call center analytics that give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. Request a demo to learn more about TCN’s integrated analytics.

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