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5 Call Center Analytics Insights for Lightning-Fast Performance Upgrades

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Call centers operating with yesterday’s technology are dying in an inefficiency graveyard. Who knows how much time they have left. Either way, call center managers in-the-know don’t need to worry. Nowadays, call center managers have access to relatively low cost, call center analytics which managers of yesteryear could not even imagine.

Unlike the great lizards, you can hop right out of that low tech quagmire with a little help from the digital world.

The best of modern contact and call center software comes equipped with call center analytics that reveal KPIs that show what’s working and what’s not.

And recent research reveals companies deploying insights-driven analytics beat the competition the majority of the time.

Today, we’re unveiling 5 efficiency-maximizing call center analytics guaranteed to provide managers lightning-fast performance insights – all with a few mouse clicks.

Agent Gateway – Key Insights Form the First Line of Defense Against Unhappy Customers

Delivering extraordinary customer service is the name of the call center game. Agent Gateway helps managers make that happen. Agent Gateway is the branded name for the agent interface of TCN’s contact center platform..

A great agent interface:

  • Encourages high First Call Resolution (FCR) through agent prompts and troubleshooting tips.
  • Includes an in-depth customer profile with relevant information.
  • Facilitates easy call transfers to the most qualified agent depending on the unique customer situation.

Most importantly, this call center analytics tool also empowers managers to coach agents through real-time messaging and allows them to “barge” into calls when appropriate.

Agent Gateway also works well with call center analytics like…

Speech and Text Analytics Make Zeroing in on Agent Performance Effortless

Great call center managers focus on two primary goals: inspiring their agents to deliver excellent customer service and maintain regulatory compliance.

Call centers who utilize speech and text call center analytics more consistently meet those goals.


By gaining access to…

  • Full, searchable text transcripts of every call directly from cloud-based call recording
  • PCI-redaction, which enhances compliance and reduces legal risk
  • Speech recognition and advanced filtering

Now, in a virtual instant, managers can discover which agents are mastering the art of high first call resolution (FCR), low average handle time (AHT), and maintaining a clean and legal customer interaction.

Most importantly, speech-to-text analytics quickly shows where agents are going wrong and what they can do to improve. There’s no greater learning tool than a manager playing back an agent’s speech and working with them on delivery.

It’s the perfect tool for teaching agents how to be more productive and every aspect of their performance.

But this is just the beginning…

Workforce Optimization (WFO) – a Breakthrough Tool for Making it All Work

Workforce Optimization (WFO) takes the insights gathered from speech-to-text call center analytics and amplifies them tenfold. It’s a manager’s dream that creates win-wins for every stakeholder – customers, agents, and management.

WFO gives managers advanced, customized reporting on agent performance and other business activities. They can easily view agent KPIs like FCR, AHT, and other important KPIs, tracking their improvements, opportunities, schedule adherence, and more.

All of which identifies how well agents are truly serving customers. WFO also helps managers pinpoint the root causes of agent and customer dissatisfaction and where they may overlap.

Designing the perfect agent schedule with the right staffing is a vital part of exceptionally serving the customer.

WFO automatically creates schedules that factor in agent work preferences, skill levels, and expected call volume. This minimizes unnecessary costs and maximizes call center productivity.

A call center is a potentially chaotic, frenzied place with lots of variables. This could drive some managers crazy. But cloud-based software like WFO clarifies, illustrates, and organizes vast amounts of data, giving managers the confidence to make the best decision every time.

Business Intelligence (BI) Translates into Success-Generating Insights

Business Intelligence (BI), like WFO, analyzes almost every call center data point, providing unprecedented insights to managers. WFO is actually a form of BI.

BI is so much more, also gathering data on every customer communication – email, text, chat, social media, and more.

Back in the call center world, it can take speech call center analysis and amplify it to the next level – voice analysis.

With BI, managers can now:

  • Sense the caller and agent’s mood
  • Flag specific words
  • Measure apparent stress
  • Analyze particular aggravating or relieving customer situations

On the compliance front, BI increases compliance capabilities through Natural Language Compliance (NLC). NLC simplifies creating call rule sets and gives managers unlimited rule creation explicitly based on state and federal regulations.

That’s not the end of BI’s capabilities. It’s only the beginning.

Sure, all of these unbelievable, easy-to-use data-gathering tools unleash a world of possibilities. Most of the time, their intuitive design guides managers in making wise decisions. But managers could always learn more about how to implement these insights and why.

Cloud-Based Call Center Analytics – The Ticket to Amazing ROI

Call center analytics gather the raw materials managers need to create an operational masterpiece.

Sure, one of these tools might be enough to turn a flagging operation profitable. It might take some time, but it’s possible.

But when sharp call center executives and managers quickly grab the opportunity to utilize all 5 tools AND more – Lightning-fast profitability is almost guaranteed.

Discover how quickly implementing TCN’s award-winning cloud-based platform can transform any call center.

Converting over to TCN takes as little as a day. Combined with no contract for joining and a cancel-anytime policy, new tools for a better ROI are only a click away.

Learn more by downloading our free guide to quick returns with TCN today.

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