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4 Signs You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Your Call Center Solutions Software

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A new year brings new beginnings for your call center. Have you found that your call center software platform slowed you down last year? The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the game for call centers worldwide and has changed the way everyone reaches customers. 

A new year is a perfect opportunity to look at some of the signs that you’re not getting the most out of your call center software. 

1. Decreased Agent Efficiency 

One of the best ways to find out if you are getting the most out of your software interface is by analyzing how it affects your agents. Lacking agent efficiency can impact all areas of agent tasks — having the right software solutions can make a world of difference. Leave efficient call center software in the hands of your agents. They will find themselves improving their performance within all aspects of their daily workload. 

2. Low Visibility 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, call centers have transitioned to the WFH model as businesses worldwide are slowly opening their doors. Many managers may be worried concerning how their agents work under new procedures. Outdated software makes it difficult to manage agents regardless of location. TCN’s innovative call center software is just the trick to ensure that your agents’ workload is monitored for optimal performance.   

3. Compliance Issues

Staying on top of compliance regulations is at the forefront of every customer interaction. Compliance is critical to keep your call center profitable. It’s difficult for your agents to understand these compliance procedures if they don’t have access to software that helps comply with regulations. 

Pro Tip: 

Having call center software that keeps your agents on their A-game drastically improves your call center. TCN’s Compliance Suite gives your call center the tools to defeat the inefficiencies from outdated software. 

4. Lack of Updated Features 

Changes within your organization are necessary to maintain customer satisfaction. Perhaps at the time of purchase, your software was suitable for your needs. However, your call center needs to make adjustments and updates as call center software and customer expectations evolve at some point. Updated call center software helps your organization stay up-to-date in the industry and at the top of the competition.

Pro Tip: 

Features such as TCN’s Speech Analytics helps managers discover rich analytics in minutes with its fully integrated software platform. An assortment of varying cloud-based features will help your agents get back on their feet. 

With TCN’s cloud-based software platform, call center managers can pull analytics from every call interaction and identify areas needing improvement.

If any of these problems sound like what your call center is experiencing, TCN is here to help. It’s time to take advantage of the advancements of cloud-based call center software. Take your contact center to the next level. Request a demo today.

About the Author: TCN

TCN is a global provider of a comprehensive, cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) and collection agencies. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call centers with a unique approach to pricing – no contracts, monthly minimums or maintenance fees – that supports rapid scaling and instant flexibility to changing business needs. TCN’s contact center platform, TCN Operator, features a holistic set of easy-to-use, automated agent tools and advanced apps for omnichannel communications, workforce engagement, compliance & data management, integration & automation, intelligence, reporting & analytics and collaboration & accessibility. TCN is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and enterprises of all sizes in multiple industries in many countries.