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TCPA Compliance

3 Ways TCPA Law Compliance Can Improve Call Center Efficiency

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As call centers adapt to TCPA regulations, they may forget that staying up-to-date with these changes not only keeps them safe from possible penalties, but also helps them stay efficient.

TCPA Law is continually changing to protect consumers and ensure top-tier compliance across all industries. TCN’s cloud-based interface allows call centers to create a workplace that always has compliance tools at their fingertips.

Here are three ways of how TCPA Law Compliance can improve an organization’s efficiency.

Small and Simple Acts of Compliance

Staying up-to-date in TCPA Law doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. When it comes down to ensuring compliance and improving efficiency, small and simple acts of compliance go a long way.

There may be protocols that your call center has already put in place that you may not realize are helping you on the road to compliance.

Here are examples of actions a call center can take to maintain compliance.

  • Obtaining proper consent from your customers
  • Utilizing The “Do Not Call List” for quality assurance
  • Tracking agent activity using an interface such as TCN’s Agent Gateway
  • Understanding wireless consent rules
  • Avoiding call center software that falls under ATDS (Automatic Telephone Dialing System) classification
  • Handling customer inquiries immediately

Although these may seem like basic adjustments, implementing practices into your everyday operations can tighten up performance and compliance — cutting time and cost along the way. Features included in TCN’s Compliance Suite helps call centers make the transition to improved compliance.

Training Employees On All Things TCPA Compliance

Call centers know that investing time and energy into proper training and education increases morale and employee efficiency. Awareness is one of the first steps for your call center agents to understand and follow TCPA guidelines.

No matter the circumstance, TCPA regulations require call centers to maintain customer’s privacy. TCN’s cloud-based software includes features that record calls for training purposes to track an agent’s cadence towards TCPA guidelines.

Monitoring agents helps managers pick out any potential TCPA infractions. TCN’s Call Recording Software allows you to further enforce regulations with your employees.

This process creates a workplace that always has compliance at the forefront of everything you do — which is the key to efficiency.

Understanding the Importance of Customer Confidentiality

Prior consent from customers is not only expected but required by TCPA guidelines. For call centers to utilize artificial voice calls or recordings, written consent must be given. This includes initiating any telephone call to a residential telephone line, only excluding emergency and healthcare facilities.

Call centers that keep a record of that given consent are more likely to be protected from any future TCPA issues.

It’s critical for your call center to know TCPA guidelines like the back of your hand. TCN’s cloud-based software helps organizations with the right tools to improve agent efficiency and compliance efforts.

Download TCN’s Ebook: A Manager’s Guide to Call Center Regulations here.

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