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3 Things Your Call Center Software Needs to Stay Current

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Gavin Jones

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Many things make a call center successful and manageable. Here at TCN, our cloud-based software and our wide variety of features and benefits are designed to ensure your call center runs smoothly and efficiently. The possibilities and opportunities are endless, and implementing them is seamless. We specialize in helping your business grow. Here we have a list of 3 of the most beneficial services TCN has to offer to make sure your call center stays current:

Room 303 – A New Internal Chat Application From TCN

Internal communication and collaboration are essential for any organization’s success. With Room 303, stay connected with your managers and co-workers without having to switch applications to find answers to a caller’s questions or concerns.

With more agents working remotely from home, Room 303 allows managers to stay connected with their team regardless of the distance between workplaces. Whether the agents have a quick question or need help to understand better how to answer a customer’s inquiries, Room 303 is their communication gateway right then and there. Managers can efficiently manage performance within their team without being overwhelming to agents.

TCN's Room 303 Is Your Internal Communication Solution.


  • Improve Communication – Messages sent and received in Room 303 appear immediately, making the experience between agents and managers instant. This feature saves time and creates consistency when it comes to internal communication.
  • Reduce Interruptions – The days of putting calls on hold while agents walk around looking for answers are over. Agents can remain seated and on the line with their clients, while Room 303 allows them to chat to find the answers.
  • Better Customer Service – Reduce the average time it takes agents to handle clients’ situations (AHT). No more distractions when implementing Room 303.

IVR – Save Time & Money with Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated customer service solution that utilizes pre-recorded responses to meet caller needs. This TCN feature is a perfect solution for your inbound call center. The days of closets full of expensive hardware are over; TCN is your IT department in the cloud. IVR saves your company significant money and time and is only one of the many benefits of TCN’s cloud-based software.

All in all, IVR is an efficient and cost-effective solution for your most valued resource — your employees. TCN’s call center software solutions provide the most simplistic to use and most full-featured IVR system in the industry.

TCN's Interactive Voice Response Is Award-Winning


  • Customer IVR data is available and can be viewed immediately from the Agent Gateway.
  • Direct clients to an auto-payment IVR that is entirely self-serve.
  • Free call recording that interrupts sensitive personal information.
  • Real-time statistics and reporting to gauge agent performance.
  • Free 24 / 7 / 365 support.

Other Key Features:

  • Expertly routed calls to skilled agents and immediately routed pass-through calls to blended agents when relevant
  • No limitation of lines
  • No additional costs for unused dialer licenses
  • Untouched dialer capacity
  • Diversified functionality with voice, script, and complicated, layered messages
  • Free call recording included
  • Real-time operational statistics and reporting provided

Business Intelligence – Take control with TCN’s Analytics and Reporting

Every successful business includes detailed analytics and reporting. TCN’s analytics and reporting provide everything you need to know for your business’s benefit and future. Track and manage performance from the enterprise to the individual and help ease the time-sensitive decision-making process.

Experience the value and insight that business intelligence provides through real-time data. TCN offers upgradable reporting, analytics, and dashboards that provide valuable insights and information regarding your business and are seamless to integrate.

Call Center Agent Analyzing Data and Reports.

Monitor Overall Site Performance

  • Automate Critical Metric Tracking and Report Generation
  • Monitor Call Campaign Costs in Real-Time
  • Measure Return on Campaigns
  • Track Manager and Team Performance
  • Predict Call Volumes and Staffing Needs
  • Discover Problematic Trends and Issues
  • Leverage Contextual Insight without Exporting Data

Track Individual Staff Performance on Key Metrics

  • See Call Times, Hold Times, Compliance Checks, and Availability
  • Track Goal Progress and Deliverables
  • Monitor Agent Status in Real-Time
  • Track and Analyze Weak Performers
  • Discover Different Talents in Call Types

Take your business to the next level with TCN’s Business Intelligence. Start creating your 100% customizable dashboards and automated reports for everything from call campaign metrics to customized analytics.

Start Implementing Today With TCN

Implementing Room 303, IVR, and Business Intelligence into your current call center will instantly provide a boost of efficiency and productivity that you will wish you had years ago. These three features are just a few of the many benefits that TCN has to offer with our award-winning cloud-based call center software. Contact us today for more information to take your business to the next level. Request a demo today!

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