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Magically Transform Your Call Center Experience With Cloud-based Software

3 Steps To Transform The Customer Experience With Call Center Software

call center software


In today’s space, call centers are the backbone of various industries worldwide. A call center agent can be the first point of contact or impression that a customer could experience. 

Here are some steps that your call center can take to ensure excellent customer service. 

1.  Help Agents Become Problem-Solving Wizards 

Though no call center agent is perfect, customers expect their information to be utilized efficiently to avoid compliance risk and other problems down the road. With call center software, agents can get through various calls when they are backed up with the right tools. 

One of the best ways agents can problem-solve efficiently is by using ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) to route the right calls to suitable agents. An agent’s skill set should match your customer’s needs so agents can resolve issues quickly. Call center managers can set boundaries and specify where these calls need to be resolved. 

According to a poll conducted by TCN, over 50% of people responded that 

problem-solving agents are the key to exceptional customer service. 

2. Engage with Your Customers with Omnichannel Communication

With the advantages of digital media, call centers realize that they need to use omnichannel communication to get to their customers’ level. Call centers utilize a multi-channel approach with mobile SMS, notification, and email to align their messaging across all levels of the customer journey. 

3. Improve Agent Efficiency with a Streamlined Agent Interface

Managing all your call center agents all in one place. It sounds like a dream, but in fact, it is a reality with cloud-based solutions. Agent Gateway is TCN’s all-inclusive interface for all call centers alike. 

As remote work is becoming more prevalent throughout call center operations worldwide, managers must be able to oversee agent performance anywhere at any time. 

Let’s take a look at how one of TCN’s customers benefits from Agent Gateway. 

“When searching for a dialing platform to integrate with, TCN was our solution of choice mainly due to its ease of use and streamlined Agent Gateway. TCN has a longstanding reputation within the call center industry, and we know that our partners will view the addition of TCN as a significant benefit — simplifying and facilitating the payment collections process.”

Jeoffre Ilagan | Vice President of IT, Alpha IT Services

TCN’s call center software is created with you in mind. For over 20 years, TCN has been dedicated to providing cloud-based solutions to best fit customers’ needs. 
Find out for yourself how TCN can transform your customer experience by requesting a demo today.

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