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How Your Call Center Can Benefit from TCN Agent Gateway

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Wouldn’t it be nice if your call center agents had one place to turn to when handling a call with a customer? One place to get the assistance and information they need to resolve customer inquiries?

For a call center agent, a workday is filled with numerous tasks that can be hard to keep track of and stay caught up with. The TCN Agent Gateway software is an intuitive agent interface created to streamline work and simplify the life of a contact center agent.

Every manager wants to see their agents succeed, and using Agent Gateway is the first step to making that happen. Using the advanced platform can not only increase productivity but also improve overall performance for your contact center. With Agent Gateway, your agents can log into one portal and handle all of their everyday work tasks.

Benefits of using Agent Gateway:

Increase Compliance
Take a breath of relief knowing that you have extra help keeping an eye on your contact center’s compliance. During calls, agents are provided with prompts to ensure they complete the required actions to stay in compliance with existing regulations. Tools within the portal help document data and call notes — keeping a history and proof of agent compliance.

Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)
Resolving a customer’s inquiry during the first phone call is always a goal for call center agents. Doing so helps save time and provides customers with a positive experience. Agent Gateway provides tips for troubleshooting and prompts on key steps to optimize FCR rates. The platform also automatically routes high-risk scenarios to agents with the highest FCR rate to ensure they are handled with the care they need.

Meet Target Metrics
Having a system that knows agent strengths and weaknesses can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful call center. Agent Gateway can manage your daily workflow and maximize productivity — routing calls in less than one second. The system calculates agent abilities and connects callers with the agents that can help best.

For example, make sure that your high-value customers are routed to speak with the best performing agents first. Complex calls can be sent to agents with the shortest Average Handle Time (AHT). All of these features help your contact center meet target metrics while improving agent and customer experiences.

Use Anywhere
One particularly beneficial aspect of Agent Gateway is that it can be used from any location. With the sudden move to working from home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, organizations had to scramble to prepare ways to continue operations without in-office employees. Agent Gateway has helped ease the transition by accommodating agents logging in and conducting calls remotely. The manager-to-agent messaging has also helped contact centers maintain effective communication while working from home.

Monitor what matters most and analyze your contact center’s team performance to create the ideal experience for everyone involved. Transform your contact center with Agent Gateway, request a demo today.

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