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Integrated Partners

Fully integrate your business solution with TCN’s contact center technology to deliver increased business productivity for your customers. Our robust APIs and web services enable easy integration with CRM, ERP, DMS, and other business solutions.

Integrating TCN with Partner technology enables seamless activity within multiple business programs to improve service levels, customer relationships, and–customer satisfaction. Call center agents will no longer need to manually dial numbers, look up contacts, or capture phone call information by hand.

TCN Integrated Partner Program Benefits:

  • Robust APIs and web-based integration that reduces development costs
  • A commission-based revenue stream from the bundled product
  • Competitive advantage over other business solution offerings on the market
  • Automated dialing and reporting directly within the CRM, ERP, DMS, and other business solutions with the customer’s own leads
  • Reduced errors, increased productivity, and improved customer experiences
  • Easier scheduling, importing, exporting, and reporting for customers

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