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Top IVR Choice for 2013

TCN’s leading call center cloud technology – Platform 3 (P3) – offers intuitive templates and call flow wizards delivering quick configuration of even sophisticated IVR scripts that can be put into production in within minutes. Powerful scripting can implement customized voice recordings, menu presentation, and skills based routing options, including sub-second transfers to the next available agent utilizing a CTI integrated screen pop. Consumers can be directed to enter account information, self-validate, select language preference, be directed to URLs, connected with automated payment systems, or receive contact information or hours of operation and mailing address. Additionally, consumer information can be captured and stored for processing or enabling payment capture all by leveraging agentless interactions.

Inbound calls can be routed using skills, decision blocking, and custom logic to direct customers to the appropriate agents and to vary the customer experience depending upon criteria like time of day, day of week, or agent availability. Up to 100,000 agent skills can be considered with calls routed to the next available agent in under a second. TCN also supports a revolutionary “data-dip” capability to retrieve account information from your database real-time during the call.

Operational statistics, KPI’s, and configurable reports show crucial call flow information and agent efficiencies both in real-time and in 15 minute increments throughout an entire day.

Benefits and Features

  • No hardware, no maintenance fees, free live 24/7-365 professional support
  • Data dip on outbound and inbound call
  • Skills based routing
  • Various escalation routing
  • Customer IVR navigation data on Agent Gateway (screen pop)
  • Decision block logic (record information, day of week, time of day, skill)
  • Free call recording (with interrupt)
  • Toll Free or local DID’s supporting porting existing phone numbers

What Users Say

“Working with TCN over the past year has provided a true insight to the direction IVR is heading in today’s technological world. I’ve experienced firsthand their quick reaction to the constantly changing needs of the fast-paced world of debt collection. Where some vendors would require days, if not weeks, to complete complicated updates to scripting templates, TCN was able to return results within hours. It’s been an honor working with them and I look forward to seeing where their development team brings us next.”


P3’s blended IVR environment allows call centers to utilize their most valuable resources–full time employees–more wisely. P3 requires no capital outlay, no minimum contracts, no expensive hardware, and no new staff.

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