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TCN Rolls Out Flexible User Contracts

St. George, UT—TCN Inc. has announced that it will adhere to the “cloud technology” philosophy even in the foreboding realm of legal agreements: Clients can opt for completely on-demand contracts that do not contain minimum usages or expenditures and that do not require a year commitment.

“The philosophy of the cloud is flexibility and scalability,” said Al Tiatia, Vice President of Operations and Client Services. “Why abandon these virtues with inflexible contracts? There are business cycles. Plus, once you’re locked into a contract, your provider has every incentive to become complacent. TCN has to win our clients’ business every day.”

TCN’s cloud-based call center technologies enable clients to utilize an entire suite of predictive dialing and automated voice messaging functionalities on demand. Clients access this technology through the internet, and can use as much or as little of the technology as they need. In effect, clients are leasing the technology, doing away with obligations of maintaining and upgrading in-house hardware. TCN’s pricing model is different from most lease arrangements, however; clients only pay for as much of the technology as they use.

“What if you could lease a Ferrari, keep it in your garage, and pay for it only when you use it—and pay Pinto rates at that? That’s the whole idea of TCN’s cloud,” reiterated Mr. Tiatia.

TCN’s flexibility in billing matches its technological flexibility and scalability. Clients can add agents, change automated messages, integrate with internal software, and create sophisticated call campaigns in minutes. All over the internet. This cloud model enables businesses with five employees to afford the same technology that Fortune 500 companies utilize.

In true cloud fashion, TCN offers free testing of its virtual call center technologies.

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