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TCN Releases Web-Based Predictive Dialer — Agent Gateway Also Unveiled

April 27, 2009 St. George, UT – Once every so often an innovation appears that transforms industries. Like the tractor to sharecropping, TCN’s new technology advancements will revolutionize accounts receivable management, political campaigning, marketing, call centers and other verticals. For the first time ever, a fully web-based, no hardware/software, sub-second-connecting predictive dialer is available to any company with basic computers and an Internet connection.

TCN, a leading provider of Interactive Voice Communications, announced today the release of its first fully web-based predictive dialer. Concurrently, TCN released its Agent Gateway technology, which facilitates advanced Voice Broadcasting at the call-agent level.

The TCN Predictive Dialer is a groundbreaking innovation that is a culmination of research and development began nearly one decade ago. 100% web-based and provided as a Software as a Service, the Predictive Dialer makes affordable for any organization the rich feature set of a $200,000 traditional hardware dialer – for simple pennies per minute.

Besides harnessing the holy grail of sub-one-second connections of premise-based dialers for the web-based world, the TCN Predictive Dialer also stands out among similar peers in its flexibility. Administrators can set up new call agents, hunt groups, and predictive dialing campaigns in literally minutes. Companies require only phones and internet connections for their call agents; within 10 minutes they can be running a fully-predictive campaign. Call agents simply log in through the Agent Gateway; as calls connect to the agents, the customer information appears on agents’ screens. Notes and call results can be entered by the agents directly through the TCN interface without the need of interacting with a call center CRM.

Call agents can also be coached through calls with scripts and required responses set up by administrators through the web-interface. Other tools include manager barge-in, manager-to-agent messaging, call recording, and a manager dashboard that shows all connected agents and their call status.

In addition to the innovative Predictive Dialer, TCN released its long-anticipated Agent Gateway, which allows call agents working on TCN’s Voice Broadcasting platform to log in to receive sub-one-second connections to customers that opt to speak to an agent after listening to a recorded message. Like the Predictive Dialer agent interface, the Agent Gateway interface flashes the connected customer’s information to the agent and allows the agent to log notes and responses directly through the web interface.

Both of these technologies greatly enhance call center productivity through enabling inexpensive customer contacts and enhanced, call-agent-level reporting. Companies no longer need to make large capital investments to meet their customer contact requirements. Managers can track call agent productivity per agent hour and can monitor in real time agents’ call status.

Founder and CEO of TCN Incorporated, Terrel Bird, described the release of these technologies as “finally being able to have your cake and eat it too. Companies have traditionally had to sacrifice responsiveness to customers because of the high costs of traditional hardware dialers or other methods of contact like direct mailers. With TCN’s Predictive Dialer and Agent Gateway, companies can now use their preferred method of contact for pennies per contact. This is a huge advancement for accounts receivables, retention, and customer service across the globe.”

TCN’s technologies are currently available in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

For more information, for a free, no-obligation trial, please call 866.745.1900 or request a demo.

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