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TCN Releases “True Blended” Agent Gateway and Predictive Dialing

TCN is pleased to announce the release of its True Blended call technology. Building upon TCN’s innovative customizable outbound predictive dialer and agent gateway, TCN has now added an inbound component. Together, these outbound and inbound call technologies provide TCN clients with truly blended Agent Gateway and Predictive Dialing capabilities.

TCN CEO Terrel Bird stated that “technology should be facilitating, not limiting. TCN Inbound rounds out TCN’s customer contact suite to offer full IVR functionality – auto-attendants, call routing, after-hour information. The sky is the limit – and it’s all web-based and client controlled.”

Operating in a blended environment allows call centers to utilize their most valuable resources, full time employees, more wisely. Clients need no longer designate particular call agents to handle inbound, excluding those agents from the predictive or agent campaign. This impact of TCN’s True Blended solution alone is sufficient to help most clients improve successful contact rates by at least 20-50% over traditional outbound-only call campaigns. This increase is driven largely by efficiencies of scale in utilizing every agent for inbound and outbound; inevitable fluctuations in customer response rates are more efficiently spread over a greater number of call agents. Abandoned call rates diminish and the customer and call agent experience improves dramatically.

Additionally, the advancement in conducting simultaneous inbound and outbound campaigns from the same interface drastically improves manageability. Apart from reducing abandoned calls and improving the customer and call agent experience, this improvement also translates into a direct cost savings in telco and an indirect cost savings in call agent salaries.

TCN’s inbound component integrates the TCN comparative advantages that exist in TCN outbound technology. Connections between call agent and customer are still competed in less than one second. Agents taking inbound calls can receive identifying information about the customer calling in. Customer caller ID is also passed to the agent. Inbound calls can be routed using skills-based routing, decision blocking, and custom logic to direct customers to the appropriate call agents and to vary the customer experience depending upon criteria like time of day.

Customer self-cure is also available via TCN Inbound. Customers can be directed to URLs, automated payment systems, or mailing addresses. Additionally, client information can be captured and stored for processing, allowing payment capture and sophisticated interactive campaigns.

TCN is offering free testing of the True Blended technology to all takers. Call 866.745.1900 or email for more information. To schedule a no-obligation demo fill out our form.

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