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TCN Releases SoftPhone: Complete Call Center Technology Now Available in Minutes

TCN, Inc. today released next-generation call center technology: the TCN SoftPhone. Now TCN clients can utilize on demand TCN’s full Virtual Call Center suite of products to contact customers – without having to purchase a single phone or to engage a telco provider.

Client call center agents need only plug headsets into their work station computers and TCN’s SoftPhone functions as the entire telephone system through which agents can take inbound calls and place outbound calls via TCN’s Predictive Dialer or Interactive Voice Messaging components.

TCN’s SoftPhone features advanced reporting tools that provide managers with per-agent reporting in real time. Managers can place their mouse over the top of each agent’s icon to see that agent’s status and how long she has been in that status. Managers can also see how many hold calls are in queue, as well as immediate statistics for waiting, talking, and wrap-up time

Managers can select to view all of this information based upon customized virtual hunt groups.

Additionally, agents can quickly add phone numbers to the Do Not Call List, and even have the option of placing an expiration date for these new additions to the List. The agent SoftPhone interface presents agents with all the traditional telephone functionalities, like a mute button and speaker and microphone volumes.

“Now, a call center needs only workstation PCs and a T-1 and their agents can be up and running using the latest call-center technology in literally minutes. Capital expenditures are a thing of the past; ease-of-use and on-demand customization are truly here,” explained TCN CEO Terrel Bird.

TCN offers free testing of its Virtual Call Center technology, including these latest innovations, to all takers. Call 866.745.1900, email, or visit

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