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TCN Releases “Preview Dialing” for Business-to-Business Applications

St. George, UT—TCN Inc. released its Preview Dialing functionality customized for the business-to-business (commercial) vertical. Now, companies that need to contact other businesses, rather than consumers, can also utilize TCN’s Virtual Call Center technologies to collect commercial debt, make sales and marketing calls, and contact business customers.

Preview Dialing enables call agents to view the call history of the business or contact being dialed before connecting the call. This functionality improves the quality of the telephonic interaction, keeps call agents on task, and vastly improves efficiency as it integrates TCN seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRMs.

TCN’s clients use its on-demand cloud-based virtual call center technology to contact businesses for a variety of reasons. Traditional predictive dialing technology, whether hardware or cloud-based, often sacrifices the quality of the telephonic interaction for speed and efficiency. Preview Dialing brings together the speed of predictive dialing with the personalized touch of manual dialing: call agents can quickly review any information the TCN client wants him or her to see before TCN connects the call. The information displayed is completely customizable for each client or call campaign.

Preview Dialing in the business-to-business setting also improves agent productivity. One study revealed that sales representatives contacted 60% more prospects per day with Preview Dialing than with manual dialing.

Part of this increase in agent productivity is attributable to weblinks and macro tools available for easy and deep integration between TCN and the client’s CRM. Rather than make calls in one program or on one technology, then turning to another to make notes and log actions, TCN’s Preview Dialing allows agents to work from one screen. Agents then annotate on the Preview Dialing screen the outcome of the call, and that information is automatically transferred to the CRM.

“For years, business-to-business telephone contacting has lagged behind consumer contacting because of the difficulties inherent in automating business contacting,” opined Dave Bethers, Vice President of Sales. “High-balance commercial debt, for example, was handled 50 years ago the same way it often is today—with a manually-dialed phone call. TCN now melds the best of both worlds: automated dialing and data integration with the personal touch of a prepared, informed, and deliberate telephone call.”

TCN offers free testing of its virtual call center technology, including business-to-business Preview Dialing. Start your free demo here.

About TCN:

As a leader in the hosted call center technology industry since 1999, TCN, Inc. is recognized worldwide as the preeminent global provider of on-demand, end-to-end Interactive Voice Communication (IVC) solutions. Their cutting-edge communication technology has rendered expensive hardware, subscription software, and crowded call centers obsolete. For additional information, please call 866-745-1900 or fill out our demo form here.

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