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TCN Releases Anticipated “Preview Dialing” Functionality

St. George, UT—TCN Inc. announced today the release of its Preview Dialing functionality. Preview Dialing enables call agents to view the call history of the customer being dialed before connecting the call. This functionality improves the quality of the agent-customer interaction and a call center’s ability to comply with all state and federal laws.

TCN’s clients use its on-demand cloud-based virtual call center technology to contact customers for a variety of reasons.

Traditional predictive dialing technology, whether hardware or cloud-based, often sacrifices the quality of the agent-customer interaction for speed and efficiency. Preview Dialing brings together the speed of predictive dialing with

Even more valuable to many clients is TCN’s unparalleled cell phone detection technology. In addition to standard cell phone detection methods, TCN verifies phone numbers against national portability databases, ensuring the highest accuracy available. When this technology is coupled with Preview Dialing clients have a powerful tool indeed—clients can choose to utilize Preview Dialing only on cell phone numbers, giving the call agent the ability to review a customer’s history before deciding to connect to a cell phone number.the personalized touch of manual dialing: call agents can quickly review any information the TCN client wants him or her to see before TCN connects the call. The information displayed is completely customizable for each client or call campaign.

“In so many industries today businesses face a patchwork of local, state, and federal regulations,” stated Terrell Bird, CEO of TCN: “Especially when businesses want to contact their customer via telephone. At TCN we listen to our clients’ frustrations and implement technology solutions to alleviate them. Preview Dialing is a perfect example.”

TCN offers free testing of its virtual call center technology, including advanced functionalities like Preview Dialing.

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